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Impact Of Federal Government Shutdown On PCC.
Two Pima Graduates Celebrate at Graduation while confetti flalls

Pima Stories

Pima Community College (PCC) is committed to transforming lives through affordable education. Our mission is to empower every learner, every day, for every goal. Read stories of students, past and present, about the impact PCC is having on their lives, careers and communities.

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Susan Ho stands next to a shelf of grocery items at the ARC food pantry.

Lead the Way

Susan Ho, Pima social services graduate began the ARC as a student project and has returned to manage it full time. Read her inspiring story.

Susan's Story

Genesis Benedith poses for the camera at Pima's Downtown Campus.

Find Your Niche

2022 Pima grad, Genesis Benedith is on her way to become a software engineer and STEM role model.

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Fortune Dominic stands smiling at Pima west campus

Thrive in Diversity

Nursing student, Fortune Dominic, found a new career pathway and friends at Pima. Read her story.

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Kira Okuma Poses smiling in Pima's Northwest Campus Student Life Center

Achieve Your Goals

A future CPA, Kira Okuma is one of seven Pima students honored as members of Phi Theta Kappa’s 2023 All-Arizona Academic Team. Read her story.

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Marian Jimenez poses in front of a mural at Pima's Desert Vista Campus

Make a Difference

A researcher and future biomedical engineer, Mairan Jimenez could not have conceived of the possibilities college would offer. Read her story.

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Gianbari Deebom and P.J. Peavy pose for a photo on a Pima Campus

Be Yourself

Gianbari Deebom and P.J. Peavy are honing their talents and making a space for themsleves in the theater arts. Read about their experience at Pima.

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Caleb Bailey stands smiling in front of Pima's West Campus

Take the Lead

Caleb Bailey enrolled at Pima unsure of what he wanted to do. Not only has he found a new major that he really enjoys, he founded the Black Studeny Union. Read his story.

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Barbea Williams and her daughter Bea pose for a photo in their dance studio

Pay It Forward

Barbea Williams, artistic director of the Barbea Williams Performing Company, Tucson studied at Pima. She shares how collaborating with the college has helped enhance BWPC's annual summer camp and more.

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Crystal Robles stands smiling in the courtyard of West Campus

Think Big

For Crystal Robles, 2012 CRC program graduate, making a difference in people's lives has always been a driving force. With the training she gained at Pima, she is putting her skills to good use. Read her story.

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Elizabeth Soto Stands smiling in the courtyard of Downtown Campus

Find your voice

A nurse in Mexico, Elizabeth Soto graduated from Pima's ESL course in May 2022 and is on her way to resuming her nursing career.

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Marc Vaughn stands arms crossed with a grin in the Makerspace at East Campus

Be Creative

Marc Vaughn, 2021 Computer Science graduate, found creativity in tech at the East Campus Makerspace. Now pursuing a bachelor's in CS at the U of A, read his story.

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Aurora Sardina sits smiling in the Cyber Warfare Club room

Chart a New Path

Aurora Sardina, an Iraq vet is retraining in cybersecurity with help from Pima. She graduated with an AAS in Cybersecurity in May 2022 and will pursue a bachelor's degree in Cyber Operations at the University of Arizona.

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Luke Hunt sits in a video lab at West Campus smiling.

Pursue Your Dreams

Luke Hunt is a 2022 Digital Film Arts & Animation graduate. While still in the film program Luke directed a short called Sheep which won an award at MINT 2021, Montana International Film Festival.

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Suzanne Roy stands propped up smiling against a small plane

Aim High

From singing the high notes to helping planes take flight, Suzanne Roy is on the cusp of a promising career. Read her story

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Lizbeth Mora stand facing the camera with arms crossed and smiling.

Find Your Calling

Lizbeth Mora took time to reevaluate her goals after first enrolling at the University of Arizona. Now employed at Banner Health, she is glad she made the switch and finished college debt-free. Read her story

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Tauty Sanchez wearing a yellow shirt facing the camera standing inside the IT Center of Excellence at Pima.

Reinvent Yourself

Tauty Sanchez is making a childhood fascination with tech come to life at Pima's Center of Excellence for Information Technology/Cyber Security. She will graduate with an Associate of Science degree with a specialization in cyber security. A mid-career professional, she chose to put her faith in Pima. Read her story.

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Ana Silva Pereira poses smiling in a Northwest Campus Lab

Build Your Community

Ana Silva Pereira, from São Luis, Brazil feels home at Tucson thanks to the staff, instructors and faculty at Pima. She will graduate soon with an Associates of Science.

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Jorge Muñoz stands in the lobby of the Health Science Center at NAU

Pushing Boundaries

Jorge Muñoz, Ph.D. candidate in Applied Physics at the Northern Arizona University (NAU), Flagstaff got his start in STEM at Pima. As an underrepresented minority in the sciences, he is an enthusiastic promoter of diversity and a mentor for numerous students.

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Angie Buenrostro sits smiling in the veterans center at Northwest Campus

Aiming High

Air Force Tech Sgt. Angie Buenrostro is an example of how Pima Community College makes it possible for a busy person serving their country to also pursue a college education.

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Peter Keith sitting at a desk outdoors

Realize your Potential

For Peter Keith, starting over at 40 after a 15 year prison sentence, the opportunity to pursue higher education has been cathartic. With the help of PimaOnline and the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, he’s moving forward with renewed confidence and self esteem.

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Lupita Vazquez stands smiling outside of Literacy Connects

Broaden Your Horizons

Lupita’s journey at Literacy Connects and her career in Finance and Administration began with Pima’s Federal Work Study program. Find out more about how you can find financial aid at Pima.

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Samantha Barrera

Create Your Future

Samantha Barrera, 2021 grad, is headed to UA law school. She found her voice and confidence at Pima. Read her story.

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Sameul Phillips

Expand What's Possible

2022 grad, Samuel Phillips, is heading to UA Honors College with help from Pima’s STEM courses. Read his story

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Pearl Celix

Find Your Purpose

Pearl Celix hopes to be a CFO. Learn how Pima’s Federal Work Study program helped chart her career path. Read her story.

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Alice stands facing the camera in Pima's Automotive Technology Center

Make Someday Today

See how Automotive Tech, Automated Industrial Tech, and IT/Cybersecurity programs at Pima help Ariane, Alice, and Tauty make better career changes.

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Liz Graybill sits smiling in front of a brick building

The Sky’s the Limit

Former Pima student, Liz Graybill embarks on a career in aeronautical engineering. Read about her journey.

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Webster Rpse

Expand What's Possible

2022 Commencement speaker, Webster Rose, spoke of achieving goals as a Pima Online student. Read more.

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Francy Luna Diaz stands at the podium to give her speech

Commencement Speech Highlights

As we prep for 2022's Spring Graduation, check out highlights from 2016 speaker Francy Luna Diaz

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A woman looks through medication while comparing to a tabletin a hospital medication room

Create Your Future

Former Military Medic and Nurse, Annette Perkins pursues new opportunity in Pima's HIT Program. Read her story.

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Misha Dawson

My STEM Story

Senior director at Raytheon, Misha Dawson, shares lessons for success from a 27-year-career. Hear her story.

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Erica Martin sits smiling in the Downtown Campus Lobby

Invent New Possibilities

Educating black students about careers in STEM - conversation with Erica Martin, Academic Success Counselor, Pima Downtown Campus

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Treya Allen stands smiling in front of a Black History Month Event at Downtown Campus

Treya Allen Q and A

Educator and activist, Dr. Treya Allen speaks about the importance of celebrating Black History month.

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Briana Pomales

Grow Your Career

UA researcher, Briana Pomales, got her start at Pima. Read her story!

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A woman and a man stand smiling in a culinary kitchen wearing culinary uniforms

Expand What's Possible

Pima’s Culinary Arts program connects students with high-paying jobs and dynamic career paths. Learn more.

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