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Jennifer Phan at a desk while working on a campaign while her award trophy is sitting on the desk.

Graphic Designer to Enter Workforce with Confidence After Her Successful Time at Pima

Jennifer Phan credits the Digital Arts Program at PCC in winning the advertising industry's highest awards

By Justin Kree, External Relation. Photo by Bryce Morthland, External Relations

Digital Arts senior Jennifer Phan is getting ready to graduate. As her journey at Pima Community College ends, she will enter the workforce as an American Advertising Award winner known in the advertising industry as an Addy Award. Her exceptional work on a new advertisement campaign for Casino Del Sol put her above the competition.

PCC instructor Erik Strommer submitted her campaign for the award. Jennifer was in shock when she heard her name called.

“I never knew how big of an award this was. Other advertisers in other agencies, groups, and companies were coming up to me after I won, saying I don’t think you understand how big this is and how important this is to get your foot in the door,” Phan said.

Jennifer can trace her graphic design abilities back to high school. She decided to attend PCC right after high school in 2014 to show off her artistic skills. Soon after completing her freshman year, financial problems prevented her from finishing her degree. Ultimately, her goal was to return to PCC, put her skills to work, and achieve her degree. Finally, seven years after first attending PCC, she was able to get a Pell grant and come back to finish what she started.

“I was worried to come back after a seven-year break. People improved their skills, and I was scared I took too much time off from school. However, all the instructors here have been wonderful. They gave me that extra push that I needed to regain self-confidence,” Phan said.

Jennifer believes winning the Addy Award will allow her to be hired immediately at an agency in Tucson or anywhere else in the country. She credits her ability to the digital arts program at PCC, which will allow her to confidently enter the workforce.

“I always thought Pima was a better choice compared to starting at a 4-year university. It made more sense to me, especially financially, when you have the issues I had. Surprisingly, it’s known that Pima has one of the best Digital Arts programs around. So, I feel more prepared than ever,” Phan said.

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