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Placement Testing

We want to make sure you have success in your classes. That’s why placement—putting you at the right level of coursework—is important. There are multiple ways to place into courses at PCC:

1. Multiple Measures

If you have graduated from high school or earned your GED in the last five years, or have at least 6 semesters of high school grades, we use a process called Multiple Measures to place you.

View the Multiple Measures Placement Process to see how you place using Multiple Measures. 

We take your high school transcript information and any college-prep test scores (GED, SAT, ACT) to place you in mathematics, reading and writing. To get started, please submit your documents (unofficial is fine) to the Registrar File Upload using the following process:

  • Log into your MyPima account
  • Select Students Tab and Register and Pay
  • At the bottom of page, choose High School Transcripts or Standardized Tests
  • Select the file to upload from your computer
  • Click on Upload File

You will receive an email when your documents have been recorded and placement has been determined. 

2. PimaEdReady

If you graduated from high school more than 5 years ago, you cannot place using Multiple Measures above, or want to place higher than you did with Multiple Measures, we will use a placement tool called PimaEdReady.

The process and your next steps are explained in this Quick Start Guide for Students.  

Once you complete the diagnostic test in EdReady, you will receive an email when your scores have been recorded and placement has been determined.

3. Placement Exam

If you need help with this process, have completed these steps and would like to try to place into a higher level course, or your program requires certain scores for entry, complete the Placement Request Form to request a Placement Coach.

If you have questions please contact a placement coach by emailing or calling 520-206-6648.

Take the tests

We recommend you take tests in reading, writing and mathematics before you register if

  • you want to place higher than you did using Multiple Measures and/or PimaEdReady
  • your program requires a score for entry or you are part of a special group
  • you are learning English as a Second Language

For high school students: You should take the placement tests if you plan to register for dual enrollment courses and are not eligible using Multiple Measures.

Don’t take the tests

You do not need to take any placement tests if you

  • can be placed using Multiple Measures or PimaEdReady.
  • have already earned a degree or certificate at a level above the Arizona General Education Certificate.
  • can document competency in reading, writing or mathematics through previous assessments or college-level courses.
  • are enrolling only in non-credit, contract or special interest courses.
  • are enrolling in a certificate program that does not require placement tests.

Previous scores or transcripts must be uploaded or presented to a counselor or advisor before registration.

Take the Accuplacer test if

  • English is not your first language.
  • If you are not fully bilingual with native-speaker competence in writing, reading, speaking and listening in English.

Accuplacer Placement Tests are given in Testing Centers or virtually by a certified proctor and take two to three hours to complete. To take a placement test you must have already submitted a PCC admission application.

If you require a testing accommodation for a disability and are eligible under ADA guidelines, first contact a program specialist at Access and Disability Resources.

Once you are ready to take the placement tests fill out the Placement Request Form for virtual testing options.

PCC Testing Centers

Find Testing Center hours and information on remote, proctored testing options on the Testing Center web page.

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