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Financial Aid Overview

Find Financial Aid & Scholarship Events

Financial assistance is available to cover tuition, fees, books and supplies and even the costs of housing and transportation, for students who apply and qualify.

Applying for financial aid is a multi-step process, as outlined on our webpages. You can also watch a number of short videos to guide you through the financial aid process and help you understand your aid and responsibilities.  

The College’s Financial Aid staff is available to help you with applying, understanding your financial aid awards, and staying on track to remain eligible for aid.

8 Steps to Financial Aid

 Step 1. Apply for aid

  • Go to FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
  • Enter PCC Federal School Code: 007266
  • Use IRS Data Retrieval Tool when possible

OR use the new myStudentAid mobile app

  You may complete the FAFSA any time after Oct. 1.  Funding for some grant programs is limited. For your best opportunity to receive grant aid, complete the FAFSA no later than Feb. 1.

 Step 2. Watch your MyPima Financial Aid Checklist

  • Flags begin to appear about mid-February on items to be completed. These should be completed right away. Once done, you will see a green check. 
  • It is suggested that you opt-in to the Early Book Purchase Program listed in the “optional” section. 

 Watch for flags in mid-February

 Step 3. Once you have all green check marks, watch for an email in your account, letting your know you have a financial aid award.

 Step 4. Loan offers begin in July. Once set, you can accept or decline your loan offer in your MyPima account. Remember, a loan must be paid back, so make the decision carefully.

 Loan offers begin in July.

 Step 5. If you accept the offer, complete your Loan Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note (MPN), which are now listed with red X’s in your checklist.

 Step 6. Sign up for e-refund so any funds left after your tuition and fees are paid will be sent to you faster than a paper check.

 Step 7. Prepare for and attend your classes. Financial aid disburses after classes begin. If you have difficulty in your classes, see your instructor or an advisor as soon as possible. Being successful in classes is important to receiving financial aid.

 Step 8. Remember to repeat these steps for next year’s aid.  If you get stuck or don’t receive aid by the payment deadline, speak with financial aid or make payment arrangements with cashier’s office by the deadline.

COVID-19 Resources

Please visit our COVID-19 Financial Aid Resources page for more information about financial aid resources available to you. 

Additional Resources

Department of Education - COVID-19 Student Resources

Special Circumstances

Are you experiencing hardship due to changes in your financial circumstances that are affecting your ability to attend Pima Community College? We would like to have the opportunity to reconsider your eligibility for financial aid.

If you were initially not eligible due to exceeding income thresholds and if your family has experienced reduction in the income that was reported on your FAFSA due to lay-off, furlough, company shutdown, or similar circumstances, request an income reassessment task to be opened in your financial aid portal >>

The reassessment will be based on your family’s current financial situation within the parameters of existing policies, federal regulations and the availability of funds. Supporting documentation will be required.

Taking Classes at Two or More Colleges

If you take classes at two colleges at the same time, you can receive financial aid from only the school where you expect to receive your degree from.

  • Ask that school’s financial aid office about the availability of a Consortium Agreement. This outlines your courses at both schools and clarifies who will disburse aid.
  • By completing a consortium agreement with Pima Community College (PCC) you have agreed that the two institutions will share FERPA-protected information (Personally Identifiable) and Federal Student Aid Information on your behalf with one another, as necessary to facilitate your joint enrollment with the two institutions.
  • If you accidentally get aid from both schools, you must reimburse one of the schools. It is better to let us know quickly if you expect aid from another school.
  • If you receive aid from another school, Pima cannot hold your classes. Pay in full or sign up for a payment plan by the payment deadline.

Don’t have a High School Diploma?

Federal regulations require that you have a high school diploma or equivalent to be eligible for federal student aid. If you don’t meet this requirement, you have options.

  • I-Best programs are financial aid eligible without a diploma. 
  • Earn your High School diploma free through the Pima County Library

Work with Tucson Youth Development. You may quality for one of their programs leading to a GED.

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