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Jocely Valles poses for the camera at Pima's east campus.

Cybersecurity Opens New Professional Horizons for Parent-student

Jocely Valles is excited and optimistic about her future

College is exciting for Jocely Valles. She is pursuing a degree in cybersecurity at PCC, something she hadn't given much thought to before. Now she finds it intellectually stimulating and creative.

Additionally, as a parent-student Jocely said,"Pima offers such a great program that I get to be a parent and do everything I need to do during the day and be with my kids, and spend the time that I need to with them while still going to school. And it's been great." 

The supportive atmosphere has encouraged her interest and commitment toward her education, igniting in her a passion she didn't know she had.

Learn more about why Jocely endorses Pima Community College and why you should choose it too.

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