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Pima Community College Education Association (PCCEA)

Contact any of the officers listed below for additional information on PCCEA.

2018 Executive Committee

President Matej Boguszak
Vice-President Makyla Hays
Treasurer Melissa Laliberte Bouey
Secretary Kyley Segers
Webmaster Ana Jiménez
Immediate Past President Ana Jiménez
Membership Coordinator Theresa Stanley
Election Coordinator Julia Fiello
Campus Representatives
Community Campus: Robert Foth
Desert Vista Campus: Polyanna Wikrent (1 open position)
Downtown Campus: David Stephenson (2 open positions)
East Campus: (2 open positions)
Northwest Campus: Greta Buck-Rodriguez, Kenneth Scott
West Campus: Mark Nelson, Liz Rangel Arriola, MaryKris Mcilwaine, Nan Schmidt

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