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Employee Organizations

The College has both faculty and staff governance organizations as well as employee representation groups that take employee recommendations, concerns and feedback to College administration.


The Faculty Senate and Staff Council gather recommendations from employees and share them with the administration. They also provide forums for discussing common concerns and policy changes, as well as for sharing information and views. For more information on faculty and staff governance is provided in Board Policy BP 1.06

  • Faculty Senate
    The faculty senate represents all full-time and adjunct Pima faculty. Any faculty member can nominate, offer to serve or elect members.
  • Staff Council
    The Staff Council represents all full-time regular exempt and non-exempt Pima staff. Representatives are elected by staff members on all campuses.

Representative Groups

The groups below represent employees to the administration in matters related to wages, salaries and working conditions. They are recognized by the Pima Board of Governors and can participate in the meet and confer process.