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Governing Board Selects Dr. Jeffrey P. Nasse as New PCC Chancellor
Student wearing cap and gown at PCC graduation

Pima Leadership Institute

Build and enhance your leadership skills with the Pima Leadership Institute– a series of courses and programs designed to provide you diverse perspectives, engaging service-learning experiences, and skills to lead with integrity. 

Visit to learn more about leadership opportunities for students at Pima or speak to your Student Life Coordinator.

Emerging Leaders Student Summit

Part of the Pima Leadership Institute, this program highlights skills for student success and will help you identify your strengths. In this program, you’ll explore topics such as time management, public speaking, goal setting, group dynamics, health and wellness, and change management.

This free conference-style program is offered once a semester in person, rotating between different campus. Visit PimaEngage to learn more and register. Emerging Leaders can also be completed online via D2L at your own pace by self-enrolling in the Student Life course and completing all modules.

J.A.D.E. Program

J.A.D.E. stands for Justice, Advocacy, Dialogue, and Empowerment.

J.A.D.E is a one-day social justice inservice. Attendees will engage in meaningful dialogue regarding Leadership, Social Justice, and Empowerment. The content covers the topics of: Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Disabilities, Socio-Economic status, Religion/Spirituality, and the intersections that occur with these identities.

At the end of attending J.A.D.E. participants will:

  • Understand social justice, activism and allyship and develop introductory knowledge and skills that can be applied to navigate effectively in higher education and beyond
  • Build foundational knowledge and common language related to race, power, and privilege
  • Develop open dialogue skills and address sensitive topics with confidence
  • Identify how advocacy and allyship are important to effective leadership and activism
  • Learn strategies designed to discover the power each person holds to create change from a social justice perspective
This program is offered once per year. Interested students must apply on PimaEngage and be accepted.

Lead Program

If you’ve already attended one of the above programs, or if you have advanced leadership skills from other experiences, you may be interested in the LEAD Program, which stands for Leadership, Education, Advocacy, and Diversity. Here you will expand on the skills you’ve gained by learning leadership theory and how you can apply it to social change projects. This program is a year-long commitment with workshops in the Fall and a group social change project completed in the Spring. For more information and to apply to LEAD, visit PimaEnage.

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