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Challenge Exams

Prior Learning For Credit

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Testing

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests are a way to earn college credits without formally enrolling in courses.

Each test requires payment of a registration service fee to CLEP and a separate proctor fee to PCC. Both fees must be paid prior to scheduling a testing appointment.

To schedule a CLEP exam: 

Step 1: Create a personal account through the CLEP College Board registration portal. This account can be used to select the exam(s) you intend to take and pay the CLEP exam fee.

Step 2: Pay the $25 processing fee to PCC using TouchNet.

Step 3: Schedule a CLEP testing appointment. Pima Community College is making scheduling your CLEP exam appointment easier with an online appointment scheduler called RegisterBlast. CLEP appointments are available at the following locations:

1. Schedule at Downtown Campus - 1255 N Stone Ave, building LB170

2. Schedule at Northwest Campus - 7600 N Shannon Rd, building B112

3. For information about taking CLEP at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base Education Center (for individuals with base access only), call 520.206.4866.

Step 4: Bring the following materials to your appointment:

1. CLEP registration ticket

2. TouchNet payment receipt 

3. Government issued identification that contains both your photograph and your signature

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 520.206.6648.

National Standardized Tests

Successfully pass these national exams and send your official transcripts to earn equivalent College credit:

Other Opportunities to Earn Credit at PCC

Please visit our Prior Learning Assessment page for additional ways that you can earn credit for knowledge already acquired.

Credits earned through this process:

  • May meet general education requirements
  • May or may not transfer to other colleges or universities as exams are re-evaluated upon transfer to another institution
  • Do not fulfill the requirement of completing 15 credits at PCC
  • Cannot be used in qualifying a student for veterans benefits
  • Are not eligible for financial assistance


Bypass/Placement Exams

You might be able to bypass lower-level courses and place into higher level classes to accelerate your progress toward your degree or certificate.

Schedule your Biology and/or Chemistry Placement at a Testing Center. Or connect with a with a Placement Coach for more information about remote proctoring by completing the Placement Request Form.

Biology Challenge Exam

  • 90 minute timed test
  • 70 multiple-choice questions
  • Score 70 percent or higher to bypass BIO 156

Chemistry Challenge Exam

  • Timed 45 minute test
  • 25 multiple-choice questions
  • Placement:
    • 0-16 = CHM 080
    • 17-25= CHM 151IN
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