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Learning Communities

Experience Cohort Learning with Embedded Support

In a Learning Community, students enroll in two linked classes with the same peer group. The faculty work together so that the course content is complementary and students make meaningful connections between the two subjects. Learn more and see how to register.

Humans and Technology: More Connected than Ever

Fall 2023 | Downtown Campus

Do you wonder how the tech tools we use daily shape the ways we see ourselves and interact with others? Fulfill your WRT101S requirement as you explore the history of social media, the impacts these platforms have had on us as individuals as well as our society as a whole, and speculate about what the future holds for human connections. In this Learning Community, we welcome all levels of social media savvy–from people glued to their phones to those who haven’t seen a TikTok, we’ll all learn from each other!

To enroll, register for these back-to-back classes at Downtown Campus

  • WRT101S EngComp/IntegratedStudio (CRN 12334)
  • LIS150 Social Media and Ourselves (CRN 12878)
Contact Kristy Snowden at for more information.

Anthropology & Design: Exploring Cultures and Meaning through Visual Practice

Fall 2023 | West Campus

Are you interested in exploring the rich intersections between culture and art while also fulfilling your AGEC or CTE Gen-Ed requirements? This Learning Community will give you a unique opportunity to connect people from around the world with why and how we create meaningful images and objects. Join us in examining how art and artifacts shape and reflect identities through research and hands-on art studio practice. Watch a video from ART 100 instructor Jessica Lansdon!

To enroll, register for these back-to-back classes at West Campus:

  • ANT112 Exploring Non-Western Cultures (CRN 10854)
  • ART100 Basic Design (CRN 10110)
Contact Kristy Snowden at for more information.


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