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Student Reports

The College carries out research on enrollment characteristics of our students and their success. In addition, we survey our graduating students to learn about their Pima experience.  

View information on using dashboard reports.

Enrollment Reports

  • Enrollment Trend Report: Headcount and FTSE by Semester and College-wide, updated annually after each academic year. Includes breakouts by campus and divisions.
  • Summary of Student Enrollment (Fiscal Year 2017-18): Summarizes the annual unduplicated State reportable head count (number of students served) and the annual full-time equivalents (FTSE) generated by enrollment in credit classes (1 FTSE for every 30 credits enrolled) and completion of select non-credit educational programs (1 FTSE for every 640 hours completed).

Enrollment and Student Characteristics Reports

The Enrollment and Student Characteristics reports show a summary of enrollment for each term, along with key demographic characteristics.

Employees with access to Pima Reports can log into, navigate to the "Interactive Reports" folder, and choose the related term report in the "Longitudinal Reports" folder.

Student Success Reports

  • Five-Year Trend of Awards Report: This report represents awards that PCC students received during the most recently completed academic year, including certificates and degrees for credit programs, and certificates of completion awards from the Center for Training and Development. This report includes five-year trend data on awards by program area. For access to the interactive report, those with access to Pima Reports can log into, navigate to the "Interactive Reports" folder, and choose the "Awards" folder.
  • Mission Fulfillment Progress for the Core Theme of Student Success Report
  • Voluntary Framework of Accountability:  The VFA is a national accountability initiative to develop measures of student success that are meaningful for community colleges. 

Student Surveys

Student Transfer

Labor Market Information

The PCC Programs and Pima County Job Market Dashboard visually displays information related to academic programs by:

  • Expected job growth
  • Potential earnings
  • Who is hiring
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Education in occupations


Lumira Dashboards: Use filter options to select subsets of information and the charts will update automatically. Provide feedback on these reports, requests for updated content, or requests for assistance with accessibility to

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