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COVID-19 Information: Masks are required indoors on PCC campuses and in centers. Learn more on the COVID-19 & Updates Page.
Student in Student Center at PCC campus

Wifi Access

All Pima campuses offer free wireless internet access. If you have trouble connecting after reading the instructions below, please contact the MyPima Helpdesk.

Students and employees

While on-campus, all Pima students and employees can connect their personal devices to the internet using the secure Pima-WiFi network. Simply select the Pima-WiFi network from your device and log in using your MyPima username and password.

See the following sections for device-specific connection instructions.

Guests and visitors

Guests and visitors can access the Pima-Guest network. When you connect to Pima-Guest, you will be prompted for your name and email address. An email will be sent to you with a confirmation link; click the confirmation link to finish connecting. 

Please note: The confirmation link expires after 10 minutes. Once connected and confirmed, you will have access to the Pima-Guest network for 72 hours.

Connect iOS devices to Pima-WiFi

Connecting an iOS device (iPad or iPhone) to the Pima-WiFi network is easy:

  1. Open your device’s Settings
  2. Select Wi-Fi
  3. Select Pima-WiFi
  4. Enter your MyPima username and password
  5. When prompted, tap Trust

Connect Android devices to Pima-WiFi

When connecting to Pima-WiFi on some Android devices, you will be prompted to enter additional connection options. There are two connection methods listed; if the first one doesn’t work, try using the second.

Method 1:

  1. Set EAP method to PEAP
  2. Enter your MyPima username in the Identity field
  3. Enter your MyPima password in the Password field
  4. Tap Connect

Method 2:

  1. Set EAP method to PEAP
  2. Set CA certificate to Use system certificates
  3. Enter in the Domain field
  4. Enter your MyPima username in the Identity field
  5. Enter your MyPima password in the Password field
  6. Tap Connect
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