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News in Pima Arts

Embrace the world of creativity and inspiration! Join us for theatre, music, dance, fashion design, visual arts, and digital arts events.

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Carina Garcia, Marketing and PR Coordinator of the PCC Arts Division

2023-2024 Season Dates

Tickets go on Sale September 1st

The 2023 season promises an eclectic array of thought-provoking exhibitions, captivating performances and engaging stories that showcase the resilience and diversity of the human spirit.

For more information contact: Carina Garcia, Marketing and PR Coordinator, Pima Arts,, 520-206-3062. To reach the box office, call 520-206-6986 or email

Pima students are eligible for one free ticket to each Pima Dance, Pima Theater, and Pima Music show. Students must contact the box office to reserve their ticket. Subject to availability.

For questions, please call 520-206-6986 or email

PCC students are eligible for one free ticket for each dance, theatre, and music show during the 2022-23 season.

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Use the following links to view upcoming events from Pima's various galleries and departments: 

Desert Vista Art Gallery

Programs and exhibitions are always free to the public.
5901 S. Calle Santa Cruz, Tucson, AZ 85709, Pueblo Building

Jason Stone - Photography of Vietnam War

August 21 - January 26, 2024

Reception: Sept. 27, 12 - 2 p.m.

A compelling exhibition showcasing the black and white photographs of Jason Stone, a former United States Air Force firefighter and airborne rescue specialist during the Vietnam War.

Louis Carlos Bernal Gallery

Programs and exhibitions are always free to the public.
2202 W. Anklam Rd. 85709, Center for the Arts complex

Images and Conversations: Louis Carlos Bernal, Author & Historian Patricia Preciado Martin

September 5 - October 6, 2023

Reception: September 13, 5-7 p.m.
Lecture: September 13, 6 p.m., Patricia Preciado Martin, Recital Hall

The Bernal Gallery presents “Images and Conversations,” featuring the captivating black-and-white photography of Louis Carlos Bernal and insightful text by Patricia Preciado Martin. This exhibition showcases the stories and memories of Mexican-Americans who grew up in Tucson and Southern Arizona, honoring their cultural heritage and experiences. Bernal’s evocative photographs and Martin’s compelling narratives capture the essence of a bygone era, celebrating the vibrant culture and history of the region.

Women in Nature: Maya Goded, Bremner Benedict, Alejandra Platt-Torres

October 30 - December 8, 2023

Reception: November 1, 5-7 p.m.
Lecture: November 1, 6 p.m., Maya Goded and Bremner Benedict, Recital Hall

Experience “Women in Nature,” an exhibit featuring three exceptional women from different parts of the world. Maya Goded, a cinematographer and still photographer from Mexico City, captures the profound connection between women and nature. Bremner Benedict, residing near Boston, uncovers hidden springs across diverse landscapes from Mexico to Nevada. Alejandra Platt-Torres, born in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, presents stunning photography of nature, whales, oceans and the Southwest. Explore their remarkable artistry as they illuminate the harmonious bond between women and the natural world.

Portraits: Louis Carlos Bernal, Beverly Mclver, Vincent Desiderio, Gerard Beringer, Alejandro Macias, Craig Cully, Papay Solomon and moren

January 29 - March 8, 2024

Reception: February 15, 5-7 p.m.

“Portraits” is a captivating gallery exhibit showcasing paintings, photographs, drawings and prints by renowned artists such as Louis Carlos Bernal, Beverly McIver, Alejandro Macias, Papay Solomon, Gerard Beringer, Vincent Desiderio, Craig Cully and more. The diverse collection explores themes of identity, culture and the human condition. Bernal’s photographs capture the familial ties of Chicano life, while McIver examines issues of race and gender. Macias combines the Latino culture and identity through his use of self-portraits with Mexican and Western influences, Solomon’s hyperrealist portraits celebrate the African diaspora, and Cully’s realist paintings delve into the complexities of identity. “Portraits” invites viewers to experience the power of portraiture in connecting and inspiring.

2024 Annual Juried Student Exhibition

April 10 - May 10, 2024

This annual exhibition brings together the jurors’ selections of the best work by student artists produced during Summer and Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 semesters from all of Pima Community College’s campuses. Jurors: Laura Copelin, Co-Chief Curator, MOCA - Tucson; Kristopher Driggers, Curator of Latin American Art - Tucson Museum of Art; and Alejandro Macias, Assistant Professor of Art University of Arizona School of Art. 

Pima Visual Arts Gallery

PCC West Campus, 2202 W. Anklam Rd., Santa Rita Bldg., Second floor. Programs and exhibitions are always free to the public. 

Three Ceramic Artists: Andy Iventosch, Joni Pevarnik, and Russell Kahn

September 18 - October 13, 2023
Reception: September 21, 1-4 p.m.

“Three Ceramic Artists” provides a captivating exploration of contemporary ceramic art through the lens of three talented artists. From Andy Iventosch’s fusion of traditional and abstract influences to Joni Pevarnik’s meticulous attention to color and form, and Russell Kahn’s multi-media approach, this exhibit offers a rich tapestry of creativity. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the unique visions and artistic expressions of these exceptional ceramic artists.

All Campus Visual and Digital Arts Student Exhibition

November 6 - January 26, 2024
Reception: November 14, 1-3 p.m.

This student art exhibit promises to be a celebration of creativity, showcasing the incredible talent, dedication and innovation of the students from the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters. Prepare to be inspired as you explore the diverse range of mediums and witness the remarkable artistic growth of these emerging artists.

Mata Ortiz, Pottery with Potter Jorge Quintana & LAAP/TMA Photographers

February 19 - March 29, 2024
Reception: February 19, 1-3 p.m.

Journey into the heart of Mata Ortiz, a remote Mexican village renowned for its pottery, as visionary potter Jorge Quintana presents a vivid array of meticulously crafted pieces. Quintana’s tireless experimentation with clay hues and mineral combinations infuses his work with vibrancy, bridging ancient motifs and avant-garde design. This is combined with photographs taken from many members of the Latin American Art Patrons from the Tucson Museum of Art excursion to visit Mata Ortiz in spring 2023.

PaperWorks - The Sonoran Art Collective

April 22 - September 6, 2024
Reception: April 25, 2-4 p.m.

Step into the world of “PaperWorks - The Sonoran Art Collective,” where paper art takes the spotlight. This exhibition features artist books, drawings, paintings and paper prints, showing off the amazing things that can be done with paper. More than just art, “PaperWorks” is a friendly group that loves paper and books. They have meetings, classes and shows to help people learn about paper and book arts. It’s a welcoming place offering a chance to explore paper’s creative possibilities.

The Art Gallery @ Downtown Campus 

PCC Downtown Campus 1255 N. Stone Ave., programs and exhibitions are always free to the public. 

Dreamscapes and Other Stories - Student Art Exhibition

September 18, 2023 - August 18, 2024
Reception: October 6, 5:30-8 p.m.

Experience the annual student exhibit at the Art Gallery @ Downtown Campus. “Dreamscapes and Other Stories” features an impressive collection of paintings and drawings created by talented Pima art students. This exhibit provides a platform for these budding artists to showcase their work and creative growth. The exhibit is an opportunity to witness the progress and potential of these emerging artists and support their artistic endeavors.

Pima Theatre

The Candy Craze: A Sticky Situation

October 5 - 15

Thursday - Saturday at 7 p.m.
Sunday at 2 p.m.
ASL Night: Oct. 13

Directed by Milta Ortiz, the original, student-written theater production “The Candy Crazy: A Sticky Situation” takes audiences on a candy-filled journey of a business venture that takes an unexpected turn, exploring themes of power, greed and the profound impact of empathy. This show is a delightful celebration of friendship and the sweetness of considering others. Through original writing, singing and dance, these students bring this narrative to life, showcasing their dedication and passion for the performing arts. Immerse yourself in this delectable musical where laughter and heartfelt moments thrive.

Written by: Alex Becerra, Kaleb Burton, Preston Campbell-Cueva, Timothy Cassity, Holly Fanlon, Justin Freeman, Juan Galvan, Jace Noldon, Kyle Odell, Giselle Quintana, Alex Sampson, Nathanial Treptow.

Richard Ⅲ

Nov. 9 - 19

Thursday - Saturday at 7 p.m.
Sunday at 2 p.m.
ASL Night: Nov. 17
Understudy Night: Nov. 16

Enter the cunning realm of Shakespeare’s “Richard III,” directed by Maryann Green. This captivating show unveils the ruthless ambitions of Richard of Gloucester as he plots his way to the English throne, leaving a path of trickery and betrayal. Amidst the darkness, a ray of hope appears with Henry of Richmond, leading to a climactic battle that decides a kingdom’s destiny. Don’t miss this gripping tale of power, deceit and the ultimate quest for control.

These Shining Lives

Feb. 22 - March 3

Thursday - Saturday at 7 p.m.
Sunday at 2 p.m.
ASL Night: March 1
Understudy Night: Feb. 29

Pima Theater proudly presents “These Shining Lives,” a powerful drama directed by Chris Will and written by Melanie Marnich, chronicling the true story of the strength and determination of female factory workers in the early 1920s as they faced radiation poisoning while painting watch dials. Witness their extraordinary journey of survival and empowerment, and join us for an emotional and unforgettable experience, celebrating the enduring spirit of these forgotten heroines.

The Addams Family - A New Musical

April 18-28

Thursday - Saturday at 7 p.m.
Sunday at 2 p.m.
ASL Night: April 26
Understudy Night: April 25

Book by Marshall Brickman, music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa and Rick Elice. Directed by Chach Snook. Pima Theater’s “The Addams Family - A New Musical,” is a hilarious and heartwarming show that embraces the quirks in every family. The musical follows Gomez and Morticia Addams as they navigate the ultimate nightmare for a father: their daughter Wednesday falling in love with a young man from a respectable family. As secrets unravel and chaos ensues, the Addams family hosts a fateful dinner, leading to a comical and touching exploration of love, acceptance and the delightful madness that makes families unique.

Mini Macb…The Play That Shall Not Be Named

May 9, 7 p.m. (One night only.)

Regrettably, the Friday evening performance of Mini Macb- has been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. However, Thursday's show remains unaffected and will proceed as scheduled.

Pima’s Shakespeare class performs in “Mini Macb... The Play That Shall Not Be Named,” a daring production featuring scenes and monologues from Shakespeare’s tragic classic “Macbeth,” carefully avoiding the play’s full name due to theatrical superstitions. The play explores the ambitious Scottish general Macbeth, driven by prophecies from witches to commit regicide and seize the throne, leading to a destructive path of paranoia and further violence.

Free Admission

Pima Music

Music performances are at the PCC Center for the Arts.

Tickets: $6/$5. PCC students receive one free ticket to each music event.

Fall and Spring Music Showcase
Oct. 22 and March 10, 1-5 p.m.

Experience an afternoon immersed in the melodies of our diverse music ensembles. From the harmonious voices of Chorale & College Singers, to the dynamic rhythms of Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, Mariachi Ensemble and Orchestra, revel in a symphony of performances.

Free Admission

Michael Lich, Guitar, Faculty Recital
Oct. 26, 7 p.m.

Experience Michael Lich’s incredible talent as he plays a mix of contemporary and classical music on his classical guitar. He’s a versatile artist who can perform classical, jazz and bluegrass styles, making for a captivating and unique musical event.

Tickets: $6/$5

Piano Day
Nov. 18, 10 a.m

Piano Day offers an opportunity to treat your ears to captivating performances by a diverse array of piano faculty, talented students and accomplished alumni. This annual event will feature music of French composers, including Debussy works for piano solo, piano duet, and two pianos, four-hands.

Free Admission

Jazz Ensemble
Dec. 6 and May 8, 7 p.m.

Under the direction of Scott Black, the concert features jazz standards performed from a variety of periods in big band style.

Tickets: $6/$5

Concert Band
Dec. 7 and May 14, 7 p.m.

Under the direction of Victor Valenzuela, the ensemble will perform classics for a full band, along with small wind and percussion ensembles and soloists.

Tickets: $6/$5

Mariachi Ensemble
Dec. 8 and May 10, 7 p.m.

Mariachi Azteca de Pima College, led by Don Fuentes, will perform Mariachi standards along with modern compositions, including Mexican variations and styles of the Son, Ranchera, Huasteca and Bolero.

Tickets: $6/$5

Dec. 9 and May 11, 3 p.m.

Under the direction of Anne Grimes, D.M.A., the Orchestra brings together violins, wind instruments, brass, strings and percussion to perform a mix of classical and modern pieces.

Tickets: $6/$5

Guitar Ensemble
Dec. 9 and May 11, 7 p.m.

Under the direction of Michael Lich, the ensemble, as well as soloists, perform a mix of classical and contemporary repertoire on classical guitars.

Tickets: $6/$5

Chorale & College Singers
Dec. 10 & May 12, 3 p.m.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of the Chorale & College Singers concert, led by Jonathan Ng, D.M.A. With a diverse repertoire, these performances feature a grand mixed-voice choir and an a cappella ensemble.

Tickets: $6/$5

Percussion Ensemble
Dec. 8, 4:30 pm., May 13, 7 p.m.

The Pima Community College Percussion Ensemble, directed by Trevor Barroero, D.M.A., will perform an exciting and diverse array of traditional and contemporary percussion ensemble repertoire, utilizing more than two dozen different instruments, including marimbas, xylophones, vibraphones, snare drums, cymbals and hand drums. These performances are certain to be exhilarating for audience members of all ages and backgrounds.

Musical Theater Workshop
Dec. 12, and May 14, 4 p.m.

Under the direction of Anne Grimes, D.M.A., the Musical Theater workshop showcases excerpts and scenes from a diverse range of musical productions.

Free Admission 

Pima Dance 

Fall and Spring Dance Concerts
Dec. 1, 2 and May 3, 4, 7 p.m.

LeighAnn Sotomayor leads Pima Dance in delivering captivating performances throughout the year. With both Fall and Spring concerts, the company showcases an impressive array of faculty, guest and student-choreographed pieces, embracing an eclectic mix of dance styles such as contemporary, jazz, ballet, modern and hip-hop.

Tickets: $10, $8 Students/Seniors/Military/Groups

Pima Digital Arts

Digital Arts Expo and Showcase
May 16 and 17, Expo and Reception, 6 p.m., Showcase, 7 p.m.

This two-day event highlights the different Digital Arts programs: Game Design and Simulation, Film and Animation, and Graphic and Web Design. Featuring student works, faculty presentations and guest speakers who are discipline-area experts and industry professionals.

Free admission

Pima Fashion Design 

Spring 2024 Fashion Runway Show - Runway Renaissance
May 18, 7:30 p.m., VIP Reception, 6 p.m. Doors at 7 p.m., Proscenium Theatre

The Spring Fashion Show promises to be an awe-inspiring event, featuring the incredible creations of talented students, alongside the impressive fashion brands of alumni and class collections. Notably, the show will shine a spotlight on the highly anticipated fashion upcycling project in collaboration with Goodwill Industries and feature designs using cutting edge technology in the apparel industry and digital textile printing.

Ticket Prices: $35 VIP, $25 General Admission. Tickets available through the Pima Foundation Website

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