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Governing Board Selects Dr. Jeffrey P. Nasse as New PCC Chancellor
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The Arts

About our Season

This season brings a mix of thought-provoking exhibits, captivating performances, and engaging stories that showcase the strength and diversity of human expression. From amazing art displays to heart-touching music, the Pima Arts Season invites everyone to be a part of a celebration that shows how art can inspire and bring people together.

The Louis Carlos Bernal Gallery's inaugural exhibition, “Images and Conversations,” based on author Patricia Preciado Martin’s book, features Louis Carlos Bernal's powerful photographs. “Women in Nature,” a photography exhibit, celebrates the strength and beauty of the natural environment and women's connection to it. In January, “Portraits” offers a glimpse into the diverse tapestry of humanity through paintings and photographs.

The Music Department shares remarkable talent throughout the year, with a medley of performances by the Orchestra, Concert Band, Chorale & College Singers, Guitar, Mariachi Ensemble, and more. Each note resonates with passion, creating an immersive auditory experience.

The Theatre season provides a blend of entertainment and introspection. Starting with “The Candy Craze: A Sticky Situation,” an original family play about a moral dilemma and self-discovery. The season continues with “Richard III,” a Shakespearean drama rife with ambition and tragedy. “These Shining Lives” tells the true story of female watch factory workers battling radiation poisoning in the 1920s, while “The Addams Family - A New Musical” challenges societal norms with its comical twist.

Dance devotees are treated to captivating performances each semester, while the Digital Arts Department culminates the year with an expo showcasing student-created films, animations, and graphics. The Pima Fashion Department's end-of-year fashion show, in collaboration with Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona, promotes sustainability and flaunts the creative talents of current and former students.

The Pima Arts Season celebrates the diversity of artistic expression, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in the transformative power of art. Each event offers a unique experience that resonates long after the final curtain falls, reminding us of art's enduring ability to inspire, provoke thought, and connect us all.

Most events are held in the beautiful Center for the Arts complex. The complex, located on the West Campus, consists of the Proscenium Theatre, Black Box Theatre, Recital Hall and the Louis Carlos Bernal Gallery.

Another way to enjoy the arts is to visit the Sculpture on Campus Program at East Campus. Here artists to present their contemporary outdoor sculptures to the public in a beautiful, educational setting.

Performance tickets are affordable and admission to gallery exhibitions and other Pima events are free. Come often and bring your family and friends.

Pima Community College student painting

Explore Art Courses at Pima

Browse our list of courses to see art classes in Visual Arts (ART), Digital Arts (DAR), Dance (DNC), Fashion Design and Clothing (FDC), Game Design (GAM), Music (MUS), and Theater (THE).

Accessibility Information

The PCC Center for the Arts is committed to making our events accessible. Learn more about accessibility.

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