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Get Started with Dual Enrollment

Choosing to get an early start on your college education is an important decision. We are here to help you navigate the dual enrollment (DE) process.

Enroll in 6 Easy Steps!

  1. Meet with your high school counselor to discuss DE options.

  2. Review and select DE course(s).

  3. Apply to Pima Community College.

  4. Meet course pre-requisites (see below for more information).

  5. Your high school counselor will add you to the course roster pending approval.

  6. DE staff processes your final course registration.

Some dual enrollment courses have assessment or academic prerequisites. You can meet these requirements in two ways:multiple measures or placement testing.

Multiple Measures

If you are an incoming senior and have the required GPA, you may use Multiple Measures to place into a DE course. Through multiple measures, Pima will review your high school transcript and/or any SAT/ACT test scores that you have taken in the last three years.

Your high school instructor will confirm if you meet the course prerequisites through multiple measures.

Placement Testing

You can also take Pima EdReady or Accuplacer assessments. You must meet with your high school counselor to discuss testing options.If you do not meet the requirements through assessments, your high school counselor can also discuss other course options.

When you are ready to take an assessment, Pima offers a practice test to help you prepare.

Please Note: Students seeking enrollment in Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes are not required to take an assessment, unless the course has a placement requirement or a stated course prerequisite.

Dual enrollment students are college students. You are expected to be prepared for the academic rigor and challenge of college-level work.As a college student, you are expected to take responsibility for your education, which will require you to listen, ask appropriate questions and do the work necessary to be successful in your course(es).

Your high school will provide you with academic support and assistance, such as tutoring, as well as instructional resources through your library.

Once enrolled as a Pima DE student, you will have access to academic support, such as tutoring and library services at any of our campus locations.

General Transfer Information

The credit you earn for a dual enrollment class(es) will be placed on a Pima Community College transcript. Most of our dual enrollment classes will transfer to another institution in the state of Arizona, including 2-year and 4-year institutions.

Additionally, your classes may transfer to other institutions that are not part of the Arizona state system. Please check with your the institution you'd like to transfer to about the transferability of your dual enrollment classes.

Transferring to Pima

If you are planning on going to Pima after high school, you will not need to re-apply. Transfer to Pima by following these steps:

  1. Enroll at Pima.

    An enrollment advisor will help you transition from a dual enrollment student to a first-year college student. Get the information you need about Connect U Orientation, change of program, course registration and other important information.

  2. Apply for financial aid.

    Financial aid is available to cover tuition, fees, books,supplies and even the costs of housing and transportation if you apply and qualify.Pima also offers several scholarships and tuition awards.

  3. Connect with program advising and career counseling.

    Connect with yourPima program advisor, meet other students in your major and learn how to navigate the Pima student systems.Learn how to prepare for your first semester and attend program advising group sessions.

    Don’t know what to study? Connect with counselors to discuss education and career options. A Pima counselor can help you with career planning, college success and personal challenges.

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