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Your Guide to Virtual Services and Remote Learning.
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Transfer or returning students

Students transferring to Pima Community College and students returning after time away often have additional items to handle before starting school at Pima.

Welcome to Pima!  We are glad you have decided to continue your education with us! There are several things you should do to ensure a smooth transition :
  • Add PCC’s school code of 007266 to your FAFSA.
  • Cancel any future financial aid disbursements at your current school.
  • Watch your MyPima account for any red X icons... those are the things you need to take care of.
  • Speak with an academic advisor to get your academic game plan in place. You should also have your transcripts sent over for evaluation so you don’t take classes you don’t need. The official review can take the admissions office up to 10 weeks.  If you take an unofficial transcript with you to your appointment with an academic advisor, they can review it with you to ensure you take the correct courses. 

If you are taking prerequisite courses at Pima to get into a program at another school, you will be listed as an undeclared student.  As an undeclared student, you are eligible for only Private Student Loans.

If you are taking preparatory courses at Pima to prepare for a Pima program, you may be eligible for Federal Student Loans for a period of 12-months of continuous enrollment.  Speak with an academic advisor about your intentions and your program of study.  

Read more about the various student loans options that are available.

Students who have not attended Pima for several semesters or multiple years need to look carefully at their past academic and financial aid record to help determine if they are eligible for federal financial aid.

  • When you last attended, did you do a complete withdraw? If so, did you owe the Department of Education any funds?  This is called a Pell Grant Overpayment. This needs to be paid in full before you are aid eligible again. Use the NSLDS website  to look for any overpayments.  Payments would be made through MyEdEdebt
  • When you last attended, did you borrow student loans? If so, are they in good standing or did you default on them? If you defaulted, you must get the loan back into good standing before you can be aid eligible again.  Contact your loan servicer to make payment arrangements.  Don’t know who your loan servicer is? View your information online at the NSLDS website.
  • Do you have a past due balance at Pima?  You need to pay this in full before you can register again.
  • Did you attend any other colleges? If so, you should have your transcript(s) from all school(s) sent to Pima for proper evaluation. Please be aware this process can take the Admissions Office up to 10 weeks to review. Plan accordingly.
  • Lastly, the types of financial aid you are now eligible for may have changed. Pay particular attention to the Pell eligibility requirements and the 600% limit.  Also look at the Subsidized Loan 150% Subsidized Usage Limitations. Information is found in the Student Financial Aid Handbook.

If everything looks good, your next step is to complete the FAFSA.  

If anything on this list is causing you concern, please contact Pima staff or the appropriate agency for assistance right way.

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