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Dropping or Withdrawing and Financial Aid

Dropping classes and withdrawing from college can affect a student’s academic program, academic progress, financial aid awards, and student loan deferment status.

Students should always meet with their instructor or an advisor before dropping or withdrawing. You are responsible for paying any balance on your student account resulting from a recalculation of aid.

Watch a video: the effect of dropping or withdrawing on financial aid.
For detailed information and required forms review the Student Financial Aid Handbook.

Your Pell Grant is recalculated after classes begin on a date known as the Pell Recalculation Date. If you drop or withdraw before that date or before you attend the course your Pell funds may be affected, and you may need to pay back any refund that was sent to you.

Students who have completed all financial aid requirements and are enrolled in courses prior to the Pell Recalculation Date will have their enrollment status recaptured to determine the amount of Pell Grant they are eligible to receive.

After financial aid eligibility is captured on the Pell Recalculation Date, a recalculation of Pell Grant funds is required for any student who never begins attendance in some of the courses required for their award.

If you receive financial aid and withdraw from all active Title IV (federal financial aid) eligible courses at Pima, you may not have earned the financial aid you received. Any unearned funds must be returned. Please note that Pima Community College will bill you for any unearned funds.

Federal regulations established by the U.S. Department of Education require the financial aid office to perform a Return of Title IV (R2T4) calculation to determine the percentage of federal financial aid a student has earned in the designated payment period. This is based on the last date of an academically related activity in all active courses during the payment period.

Students who never attend any of the courses that are used to determine their federal financial aid award will have all federal funds pulled back from their account.

Once the school has made any needed adjustments to a student’s Title IV funding, the student will receive notification.

  • Recalculations due to students never beginning attendance in some or all courses will receive notification through their PCC email address and their MyPima financial aid tab in the MyMessages section.
  • Students who have withdrawn from the institution will receive notification through their PCC email address. This notification will outline the amount that needs to be repaid to the institution or to the Department of Education.

Charges will be listed in the student’s MyPima account and must be paid directly to Pima Community College.

A registration status of "Registered Not Attending" (RN) in all active courses at Pima Community College is considered an unofficial withdrawal causing an Return to Title IV calculation. Students who return to courses and continue to participate may have the Return to Title IV reversed by filling out the Return to Title IV Reversal Request.

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