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Governing Board Selects Dr. Jeffrey P. Nasse as New PCC Chancellor
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College Guidelines for Google Sites

Use of Google Sites Discouraged, Please Follow These Guidelines:

The College realizes that Google Sites are becoming popular and wants employees to be aware of their appropriate use. In general, due to such things as ADA accessibility and branding requirements, information should be on the public-facing website or the College Intranet. Here are the guidelines:

  • If the information is for the public, marketing or enrollment, then it should be on Contact Web Systems for assistance, [email protected].
  • If the information is only for all students or all the faculty or all the staff, then it should be on either MyPima (students) or the College’s Intranet site (employees).
  • If the information is only for a specific small group or internal audience, then it is OK to have a Google Site, but the site should be kept private with MyPima login.
  • If the Google site has to go public, then it can not use any pima logo indicating official publications status.
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