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A Pima nursing student stands smiling against a wall at Pima's West Campus

LPN Transition to AAS

Nursing (ADN) AAS

Important Notice

New application process effective July 1, 2023.
ALL students must attend a Nursing Information Session

Applying for Program Admission

  • Program prerequisites must be completed as described in Program Requirements (see below) with grades and assessment scores posted on PCC transcripts before applying to the program.
  • Transfer courses earned from another Regionally Accredited Institution are not valid until they have been officially evaluated and grades have been posted on PCC transcripts. If transferring courses, please see Transfer to Pima.
  • Students must complete the National League of Nursing Pre-Admission Examination for RN applicants (NLN PAX-RN).
    • Students may take the NLN PAX-RN once every 6 months. Each exam is good for one year from the date the student took the exam.
    • The NLN Student Guide will provide you with everything you need to create your NLN account, schedule your exam, take your actual test and access your scores. The student guide can be accessed at this link: PCC Student NLN Guide
    • All students are required to create an account. Students can create an account by clicking on the this link: Registration URL 
  • Special Admission – Licensed Practical nurses with work experience, are eligible to apply for entry into the second year of the Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Program by completing the prerequisites. If accepted, the student must successfully complete a nine-credit transition course (NRS 188/188LC/188LS) and meet all admissions requirements for entry into the third semester of the Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Program.
  • Once prerequisite coursework is complete and the application window opens, students can apply through the MyPima application portal. 
  • Program information is communicated via PCC student email, it is imperative to check your PCC student email address. Please ensure that your personal information is up to date with the College should you need to be contacted.
  • Applicants are selected based upon prerequisite GPA and nursing admission exam scores. Selection is decided by a defined point system. Students are strongly encouraged to apply regardless of the number of points self-calculated.
  • Students not selected for admission are encouraged to re-apply the following semester.
  • Application deadlines: The application deadline for the Spring semester is September 1 (application window is July 1 – September 1). Application deadline for the Fall semester is February 1 (application window is December 1 – February 1).

Additional Program Admissions and Course Information 

  • Vaccinations required for entering/continuing in the Nursing program: The Nursing program works with hospitals and agencies that require the hepatitis B vaccination series, COVID vaccination, and an annual flu vaccination. All students who are enrolled or entering the Nursing program must provide documentation of receiving these vaccinations or a positive titer. All students must get these vaccinations and/or titers immediately. Students who do not provide proof of receiving the vaccinations or a positive titer when entering the Nursing program will have to reapply to the program. The hospitals and agencies that PCC works with strictly enforce these requirements. Additional vaccination requirements for the clinical portion of the program are listed in the next section of this page.
  • The Nursing program accepts qualified students each fall and spring semester. Qualified students are placed into the semester that seats are available. Students are required to attend a mandatory Nursing Department orientation the semester before their placement date. Students are notified via PCC student email when to sign up for this orientation. Failure to sign up and attend the orientation will result in having to reapply to the Nursing program. 
  • Completion time for the Associate Degree in Nursing is based on assessment results, completion of program admission requirements, support courses and completion of three (3) semesters of nursing core courses.
  • Students must be able to access the Internet on a daily basis.
  • NRS program curriculum is offered only on a full-time basis at Pima’s West Campus. Student scheduling of core courses is developed by the Nursing Department, resulting in students being randomly assigned to day, evening or weekend classes. Individual student requests for schedules cannot be honored.
  • NRS core course scheduling is dependent on clinical site and instructor availability and is scheduled to change.

Program Prerequisites

Any Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in the community who wishes to complete the Nursing AAS degree must complete the following program prerequisites with grades and/or assessment scores posted on their PCC transcript before applying to the program.

Prerequisites stated below are required for acceptance into the LPN to RN Transition program. 

  • Completion of the Accuplacer Reading Assessment
  • MAT 142 or higher with a grade of "C" or higher 
  • BIO 201IN or BIO 201H with a grade of "B" or higher
  • BIO 202IN with a grade of "B" or higher 
  • WRT 101 with a grade of "C" or higher

Program Length

The length of the LPN to RN program pathway is 3 semesters excluding pre-requisite/preparatory classes.

Additional fees include but are not limited to:  Health insurance, and tuition (see Program web page and Paying for College). The cost of tuition is based on the number of credit hours you enroll in each semester.  The tuition you pay is determined by whether or not you are an in-state resident or a non-resident. Refer to the schedule of classes for additional course fees.

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