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Your Guide to Virtual Services and Remote Learning.
Dance Student

Arts, Humanities & Communication

Area of Interest

So many of our students have stories to tell, about themselves, their peers, or their people. And in the 21st century, it’s possible to express yourself to anyone on Earth who will listen and has an Internet connection. Pima gets that.

In our Arts, Humanities and Communications programs, you’ll learn how to hone your passion for language, performance, or design, so that you can tell your story. Bonus: You also will learn about teamwork, diversity, creativity and problem-solving -- skills valued in the workplace.


Associate of Arts
English & Communication
Fashion Design
Visual and Performing Arts (AFA)

Some related disciplines & fields: Digital Arts, Humanities, Journalism, Philosophy, PsychologyReligion, Spanish, Other Languages

Degrees & Certificates

AA - Associate of Arts   AAS - Associate of Applied Studies  AFA - Associate of Fine Arts

Recently Inactivated Programs

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