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PCC Board of Governors recognition

Board Priorities

PCC Governing Board Strategic Priorities and Goals: Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

Approved by the Board on September 11, 2019

The Pima Community College Governing Board identified the following strategic priorities and goals at its May 2019 retreat. The Board will evaluate these strategic priorities as part of the annual Board Self Evaluation.

  1. Student Success and Focus on Enrollment Management
    Focused attention on student success including: enrollment, access, persistence, retention, completion and post completion, as well as on short and long term enrollment management with expectations of measurable results and outcomes to ensure institutional stability.
  2. Compliance
    Monitor and assess the College’s regulatory compliance and college-wide policies.
  3. Monitor Institutional Effectiveness
    Continue to monitor and measure effectiveness of the College at all levels. Update a reporting calendar with a focus on strategic initiatives, goals, timeline and outcomes.
  4. Support Community Engagement
    Support and assist with the development of a community engagement plan with a focus on underrepresented and geographically underserved communities.
  5. Promote Equity
    Support an intentional College equity agenda and its integration into the College culture
  6. Leadership Development
    Encourage and support the development of institutional leadership at all levels.
  7. Enhance the Image of District and Advocate for the College
    Monitor branding and marketing initiatives while continuing to advocate for
    the College at the local, state and national level and within the private sector.
  8. Monitor and assure alignment of Budget Process
    Align the budget to the vision, mission and strategic priorities and plans of the College.
  9. Chancellor Goals, Objective and Timelines 2019-20
    Monitor the Chancellor's goals with regular updates on objectives and timelines.

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