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Governing Board Selects Dr. Jeffrey P. Nasse as New PCC Chancellor
Pima's five Governing Board Members pose for a photo

Board Priorities

Governing Board 2022-2023 Strategic Goals

Approved by the Governing Board on October 12, 2022

The Pima Community College Governing Board used the 2021-2022 evaluation to draft the 2022-2023 Board goals and discuss strategies and plans for improvement. 

  1. Governance

    Develop and implement a robust Governing Board Professional Development Plan. Incorporate and implement a thorough orientation checklist. 

  2. Accreditation 

    Prepare for the upcoming Accreditation Self Study and Team visit by fully understanding and implementing best practices for board governance through personal professional development as well as targeted study group sessions and strive to adhere to HLC Criterion 2 components. 

  3. Practice Board Professionalism 

    Demonstrate civility, respect, and professionalism in all interactions with each other, the Chancellor, and Pima Community College staff. Continue to practice transparency and professional decorum at all times. Ensure that the Board presents itself as an entity and not as individuals when representing the College.  

  4. Monitoring and Oversight 

    Continue to oversee the progress toward the accomplishment of the College's long-term Strategic Plan, specifically in the areas of enrollment, faculty diversity, community outreach, and workforce development. 

  5. Community Engagement 

    Strive to enhance the Governing Board's reputation with the greater community served by the College. 

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