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Services Offered

Individuals with disabilities may request accommodations for access to classes, programs, employment and activities.

Some Examples of Accommodations

  • alternative format text, such as e-text, electronic handouts and Braille.
  • alternative testing arrangements, such as extended time, a quiet location, use of access technologies and alternatively formatted material.
  • access technology, such as voice recognition, text-to-speech software, magnification software, calculators and spell checkers.
  • classroom/workplace access, such as furniture, amplification, closed captioning, real-time transcription, interpreting, note-taking support and preferential seating.

Other accommodations may also be available, based on individual needs and barriers encountered in accessing PCC activities, services and programs.

Other Accommodation Services

Pima can help install assistive technology and train disabled students to use them.

Service animals trained to perform specific tasks for students and community members with a disability do not require ADR approval. Employees who need to use a service animal at work must contact ADR.

ADR will work with students interested in requesting pregnancy-related accommodations, which are available under Title IX federal law.  Learn more about Title IX compliance.

Students who need additional support may also qualify for the Coaching & Pathways Program Support Services (CAPPSS program).

Community members who would like to request accommodations for services or events can email or call (520) 206-6688. 

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