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Regional Scholarships

Outside donor scholarship funds are available through community groups, organizations and companies throughout the state of Arizona. We suggest you ask about scholarships from your employer, your parents’ employer, your church, your bank, any other club or organization you are involved in. 

If you are student recipient of a non-PCC scholarship, contact the scholarship donor to verify that the funds have been mailed to PCC. If your donor says the funds have been sent to PCC, please call the Financial Aid Office at 520.206.4950, or the Scholarships Office at

Local Scholarships

Below are local scholarships that PCC students have received in the past. They are sorted by deadline month. Be sure to read ahead so you have time to apply for any that you are eligible for.










No applications are due this month, check out the on going awards and local search engines!


No applications are due this month, check out the on going awards and local search engines!


  • American Indian Services Deadline 11/1/2019 for classes that start January, February, March
  • The All-USA Scholarship.  This is a very competitive scholarship! Requirements: 3.5 GPA and at least 18 college credits completed; a strong, demonstrable record of service and leadership in the community; a strong demonstrable record of service and leadership in the college; and an endeavor project. PCC deadline is 11/15/2019. Our internal deadline is earlier so that the nomination committee has time to get final selections to the national committee on time.  [2020 information will be posted when available]


 On Going/Multiple Deadlines

  • AZ Early Childhood Arizona Early Childhood Career and Professional Development Network serves as a resource to build Arizona's early education workforce and promote the early childhood professional development system. They provide resources and scholarships to improve the quality of early childhood care and education experiences for young children and their families.  Deadline: multiple awards with various deadlines. 
  • Deadline: multiple awards with various deadlines. 
  • Rotary International Vocational Fund of Arizona- The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona can provide qualifying applicants a one-time grant of up to $3000 who are pursuing technical or vocational education training. Students must be a legal resident of the state of Arizona and have a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) on file. Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. Deadline: Applications are being taken on an on-going basis.

Check back on a regular basis as scholarships are always added to this page. Continue your scholarship search on the Scholarship Search Engines page.

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