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Scholarship Searches

Now that you have applied for local awards, its time to take your search nationally! First check out scholarships for specific student populations (again, there is less competition). 

African American/black students

  Cancer Scholarships

Asian American students

  First Generation Students

Disabled students

  Military Students

Hispanic students

  Military Students (another list)

Latino/Hispanic students

  Non-traditional Students

Native American students

  Average Students

Nursing Students

  Sports Students

Women students

  Video Scholarships

Women Students (another list)

  Weird Scholarships

Community service scholarships

  Unusual Scholarships

Another option is to do a Google search for the word "scholarship" together with a word that describes you or one of your interests. For example, search for "cooking scholarship," "skateboarding scholarship," or “Scholarships for average students.”

After you have exhausted those, look at national scholarship search engines. 

Some scholarship search engines will request your name and address in order to better serve you. However, your information may then be sold to companies marketing a wide array of services and products to college students.

Remember to email us if you are awarded any scholarships using these search engines! Good luck! 

Arizona Search Engines

Arizona Community Foundation

This site has a large Arizona scholarship listing.  

Arizona Career Information System

Easy to read and search through national and local Arizona scholarships. NO LOGIN NEEDED.

College Depot

PDFs with scholarships for all students including DACA.

Community Foundation for Southern Arizona

This site has a large Arizona scholarship listing. NO LOGIN NEEDED.

Metropolitan Education Commission

Scholarship Listings for Tucson and Pima County students.

Santa Cruz Community Foundation

Scholarships for students from Santa Cruz County.

Scholarships A-Z

Scholarships listed are organized by month and due date. They also have more essay tips. NO LOGIN NEEDED.

National Search Engines

College Board

Find scholarships, other financial aid and internships from more than 2,200 programs, totaling nearly $6 billion. NO LOGIN NEEDED.


This free scholarship search allows students to save results in a “data locker”. NO LOGIN NEEDED.

CollegeNet/Mach 25

Allows you to search through 600,000 awards for scholarship matches.  NO LOGIN NEEDED under keyword search.

This page allows you to search for scholarships by geography, heritage, religion, extracurriculars, family affiliation, high school, or scholarship name.   


Using data provided by Wintergreen Orchard House, their data base includes 1.7 million scholarships worth a total of $7 billion.  

Discover Nursing Scholarship Search

If you are or will be studying nursing, give this free scholarship search a try. You will probably find more nursing scholarships here than in any other source. NO LOGIN NEEDED.


Check out their celebrity-sponsored scholarships, search engines, and scholarships beyond GPA and test scores. NO LOGIN NEEDED.


This site has a large listing of searchable scholarships.     

FinAid! Scholarships

Provided scholarship listings and a search engine. NO LOGIN NEEDED.

Financial Aid Finder

Check out Scholarships 101 and Find a Scholarship.

This site helps students find, “millions of dollars in scholarships and grants exclusively for the military community”. NO LOGIN NEEDED.

Sallie Mae

Search engine and tips.

SALT Search Engine

Search engine and tips and tools to help with your search.

Scholarship America 

Several different options including lists and search engines.

Search over 3.7 Million scholarships and grants worth about 19 Billion to help you pay for college.

This site has a searchable database of over 2.2 million awards worth more than $15.

TG Adventures in Education 

Students can conduct a keyword search of a data base containing 15,000 scholarships. NO LOGIN NEEDED.

The Scholarship Page

The Scholarship Page was started by a student in 1997, the site primarily featured engineering scholarships, but has since expanded to include others. NO LOGIN NEEDED.


In addition to scholarships, you now have access to colleges, internships, careers, and a whole lot more — all with your same login.

United Negro College Fund Scholarship Search

A free online scholarship search sponsored by the United Negro College Fund. NO LOGIN NEEDED.

International/Study Abroad Search Engines

International Education Financial Aid

This website was created to be a resource for financial aid, college scholarship and grant information for US and international students wishing to study abroad.

International Scholarships

This scholarship search is fairly unique because it features scholarships for international students and scholarships for study abroad programs. NO LOGIN NEEDED.

USA Study Abroad


Listing of scholarships for study abroad. NO LOGIN NEEDED.

UK Scholarship Search

A UK based scholarship search. NO LOGIN NEEDED.