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Governing Board Selects Dr. Jeffrey P. Nasse as New PCC Chancellor
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Complaint Resources and Resolution

Resolution processes can vary. The Office of Dispute Resources (ODR) is available to help connect you with the best method for resolution.

  • ODR is also the independent investigation resource for some types of complaints.
  • Anonymous complaints may also be made through ODR using the Hotline, which provides for two-way confidential communication through the Hotline service.
Complaints or reports that contain allegations of sex- or gender-based discrimination, harassment, or retaliation involving students and/or employees must first be reviewed by a deputy Title IX Coordinator before any attempt to investigate or resolve them. Informal resolution may be an option following that review.

Informal resolution is an option in most other situations.

Office of Dispute Resources 

The ODR page provides direct links for confidential reporting (including whistleblowing), Employee Code of Conduct, Academic Integrity Code, policies and procedures, and is an optional reporting point for student complaints.

Student Policies and Complaints

The Student Policies & Complaints page provides direct links for reporting complaints and for the Student Code of Conduct, Academic Integrity Code, policies and procedures, and complaint liaisons. You may also contact Student Affairs directly for guidance and referral, as needed.

Title IX

The Title IX page includes information and reporting links, and contact information. Title IX (sex- and gender-based discrimination, harassment, retaliation) applies to both students and employees.

Types of Issues and Resolution Information

A Resolution Information page detailing the types of issues that might arise and relevant processes is available here. 

Reviews or Appeals  

Requests for review or appeal have their own processes and are not typically treated as separate complaints. Talk with your instructor or supervisor, dean or manager, or ODR to identify the appropriate review processes.

While internal complaint processes are encouraged, complaints may also be made to outside regulatory agencies also listed on the different webpages and identified in policies and procedures. Many are also listed on the Resolution Information page.

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