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Governing Board Selects Dr. Jeffrey P. Nasse as New PCC Chancellor
An incarcerated student writes on a computer up close

Incarcerated Student Education

Pima Community College partners with the Arizona Department of Corrections Rehabilitation and Reentry (ADCRR) and the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) facilities in Arizona to deliver transformative vocational and educational opportunities within the correctional setting. PCC currently operates educational programs within the following facilities:

  • Arizona State Prison Complex – Tucson, AZ
  • Bureau of Prisons Federal Correctional Complex – Tucson, AZ
  • Arizona Department of Corrections Rehabilitation and Reentry – Douglas, AZ (Douglas Location in Final Teach-out)

Students cannot always freely seek involvement in education programs within the prisons. Some programs are restricted to specific units within the facilities.

History of the Program

PCC has offered classes and programs to incarcerated learners since the late 1970’s. Learners enrolled in PCC Incarcerated Education Program courses are considered full-time PCC students and all courses are college credit-bearing.

The PCC Incarcerated Education Program's emphasis is to reduce recidivism by imparting skills for incarcerated learners to be successful upon release from prison. Learners become more employable with the completion of educational programming and are encouraged to continue their education. Students are prepared to transition to conventional PCC campuses, Pima Online, or other institutions fitting their educational goals.

BOP Programming

At the Federal Correctional Complex (FCC) - Tucson, BOP staff maintain a waitlist of incarcerated individuals who are eligible to participate in PCC courses. Prospective learners should contact the BOP Education Staff regarding eligibility for enrollment as a Pima student. In-person applications and registrations are completed with PCC Staff during the first meeting of each 8-week term. The 8-week terms are held throughout the year, with students beginning and completing courses as cohorts.

Certificate programs offered at FCC - Tucson:

  • Business Basics II

ADCRR Programming

At the Arizona State Prison Complex (ASPC) - Tucson, enrollment in PCC courses is currently restricted to the Santa Rita, Whetstone, and Winchester units. ADCRR staff determine eligibility for participation in PCC courses. Prospective incarcerated students may contact Program Officers (COIIIs) when seeking enrollment in PCC courses. Upon approval by ADCRR Staff, prospective students complete in-person applications and registrations with PCC Staff. Students then begin open-entry, open-exit courses. The open-entry, open-exit course structure allows students to enroll at any time during the academic year and progress through courses.

While complying with the security dynamics of the corrections setting, PCC Incarcerated Education instructors provide industry training, preparing learners to be job-ready when re-joining the community. Many students complete their programs and earn National Center for Construction, Education, and Research (NCCER) certification.

Certificate programs offered at ASPC - Tucson in the following trades:

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing


Instructors are full-time PCC employees who are experienced in the field of study and bring enthusiasm and knowledge to the classroom. The CTE instructors are NCCER certified.

Site Information

CTE Courses and the Experimental Second Chance Pell Grant Program are offered at the Arizona State Prison Complex, 10000 S. Wilmot Rd, Tucson, AZ.

Business and Management courses are offered at the Federal Correctional Complex, 8901 S. Wilmot Rd, Tucson, AZ.

Contact Information for PCC Incarcerated/Prison Education Programs

Anthony Offret
Advanced Program Manager
AZ State & Federal Prison Programs
Pima Community College
Tucson, AZ
Tel: 520-574-0024 ext. 36241
[email protected]
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