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Program Reviews

Pima Community College conducts Program Reviews that are aligned with the Higher Learning Commission’s (HLC) Criterion 4. Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement to demonstrate our responsibility for the quality of programs, learning environments, and support services. During the Program Review process, we use the data to evaluate our effectiveness, promote continuous improvement, and act on the findings.  

Through the collaboration of Faculty, Deans, Curriculum Quality Improvement (CQI), Strategy, Analytics and Research (STAR), Post-program Review Committee, and Provost, the College conducted and completed Program Review for four programs including Translation & Interpretation Studies (TRS), Automated Industrial Technology (AIT), Health Information Technology (HIT),  and Therapeutic Massage Therapy (TMA) in 2022-2023. Under AP 3.25.05, this comprehensive assessment has provided us with valuable insights into our academic offerings, allowing us to celebrate our achievements and identify areas for growth, relevancy, and improvement. 
Throughout the Program Review process, we evaluated each program’s strengths, challenges, and overall effectiveness in fulfilling our mission of delivering high-quality education and fostering student success. The results of the rigorous assessment reflect the collective effort and collaboration of our faculty, staff, and administration. 

  • TRS: The program will go through the Program Review process again during 2023-2024 to ensure sufficient data and input is received. 
  • AIT:  Deadlines will be established for AIT to build the necessary program foundations (CLOs, PLOs, and alignment with the CTE Curriculum Architecture) and then go through Program Review again. AIT will be collecting data during 2023-2024 and this program will undergo Program Review in Fall 2024.
  • HIT: This program will continue as the Program Review highlighted strong program metrics, alignment to industry needs, and a solid foundation to meet the needs of the current and future labor market. 
  • TMA: TMA will be inactivated and the division will explore short-term, non-credit options alongside the respective Advisory Board. TMA will run 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 with a teachout beginning Fall 2025. 

The Program Review process has shed light on programs that have demonstrated exceptional outcomes and alignment with emerging industry needs. By continuously adapting our curriculum and instructional approaches, we have ensured that our students are well-prepared for the evolving demands of the labor market. We have also identified areas where we can further enhance our programs. The Program Review process has provided valuable recommendations to address these areas and strengthen our educational offerings to fulfill our mission and commitment to the community. 

Thank you to the faculty, deans, staff, and administrators who participated in the process.

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