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PCC will be closed for an in-service day on Friday, August 18th. We will resume regular business hours on Monday, August 21st. Note: a Super Saturday in-person registration event will be held on August 19th, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Downtown Campus.
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Application Process

The information below will help you successfully complete the Adjunct Faculty and Regular Faculty application processes.

Adjunct faculty hiring is based on student enrollment. If enrollment exceeds the number of instructors we already have teaching for us in a particular discipline, we open the applicant pool and begin reviewing minimum qualifications. 

Potential adjuncts must meet Pima Qualifications Standards in order to teach. To get started: 

  1. Review the PCC disciplines: Our disciplines are listed on Pima's Credit Courses web page. 

  2. Submit an online application form: Use our online system to submit an application form. You must upload a current resume or curriculum vita with your application. If you have unofficial transcripts, please upload these as they are helpful to us when reviewing your credentials. Some Occupational/Workforce disciplines and a few Academic disciplines require a license and/or certification, so it is helpful to upload copies of these documents as well. 

    What happens after your application packet has been submitted? If there is not an identified need for your areas of interest within 12 months of applying you will receive a notification asking if you wish to remain in the applicant pool. If there is an identified need for faculty in your discipline, we will review the applicant pool and may contact you. If we contact you, the assigned Faculty Certification Analyst will advise you as to the next steps. The following are examples of the types of documentation that may be needed:
Documentation that may be needed: 
  1. Official transcripts: Most applicants will need to order official transcripts of undergraduate or graduate degrees as required for the discipline. The Faculty Certification Analyst assigned to you will tell you if these are needed. If transcripts are needed, please ask your school to send official (sealed paper or electronic) transcripts to the Faculty Qualifications & Hiring Office. Please note any name changes when ordering transcripts. If a transcript is mailed to you, do not open the envelope. Official transcripts must be opened by the Faculty Certification Analysts at Pima. 

    Foreign transcripts: A degree from any college outside of the United States (even if the transcript is in English) may need to be evaluated by a foreign transcript evaluation service. Before ordering an evaluation, check with your Faculty Certification Analyst to confirm whether you will need to do so. If you will need an evaluation, you must use an agency that is a member of NACES or is an AACRAO corporate partner that offers degree/education verification.
  2. Evidence of Work Experience: Most Occupational/Workforce disciplines, and a few Academic disciplines, require relevant work experience as verified in writing by you or a third party such as a supervisor/employer. 
  3. Licenses or Certifications: Some disciplines require evidence of specific professional qualifications. 

What happens after your application packet has been submitted?  Review the Evaluation & Certification webpage. If there is not an identified need for your areas of interest within 12 months of applying you will receive a notification asking if you wish to remain in the applicant pool.

Additional questions or further assistance? Contact Us.

Current job openings are posted on the Pima Jobs web site.  The majority of full-time (regular) faculty recruitments are conducted once a year. 

  1. Review the list of job openings.
    Applications for full time faculty positions are accepted only for posted vacancies.
  2. Complete the application form.
    Create an account or log into your existing account and complete an application for the position.  Upload other required documents to the application form by the posting deadline.
  3. Applying for both full time and adjunct positions
    If you are applying for both full time and adjunct faculty positions, two separate applications must be submitted with appropriate documentation.

If you have questions about the full time faculty application process, contact the Faculty Qualifications & Hiring Office.

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