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Veterans Benefits FAQ

VA Education Benefits FAQ

Here is some need-to-know and good-to-know information.

What courses do not qualify for certification for payment?

  • Remedial and developmental coursework (<100 level classes) taken online.
  • Classes that do not fulfill the program of study requirements for your degree. Only enroll in courses and prerequisites that apply towards your degree or certificate.
  • Duplicate coursework. Transfer credit must be evaluated as per VA policy. Make sure all transcripts are ordered and applied to your student record as soon as possible.
  • Incomplete attendance of self-paced or independent study classes. You must attend for the entire term or the VA will only pay you until your last day of attendance. You will be required to submit a Self-Paced Acknowledgement form indicating you understand this policy.

What happens if I change my class schedule after I’ve submitted my PCC veterans certification worksheet?

Changes to your schedule after you submit your worksheet can cause overpayments and erroneous certifications. 

Registration/VA holds are placed on your account each term once your veteran advisor approves your classes for certification. The hold can be easily lifted by notifying your Veteran Advisor and telling them that you wish to change your schedule.  Whether you have been certified or not, you will need a new MyDegreePlan for your updated classes. 

Always submit a revised PCC veterans certification worksheet after making any changes.

How do my grades affect my benefits?

Receiving a “W” grade (withdrawal) or dropping classes can create an overpayment with the VA. Your benefit for that class will be terminated from your VA certification as if you had never attended the class.

The VA will still pay for your benefit if you receive an “F” grade (failing).

If you receive an Incomplete, “I” grade, the VA will pay for the class as if you completed it.  You will have one year to complete the class.  The VA will not pay you any additional stipend to complete the class.

You can be suspended from using VA benefits if you don’t maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP). You must maintain a 2.0 GPA and 67% completion rate to use your VA benefit. 

What do I need to know about Chapter 33?


  • Tuition and Fees are reported to the VA after the drop period for each part of term. Your enrollment is certified first to initiate your MHA and Book/Supplies stipend.
  • Early Release of Financial Aid Funding: Once you have been certified, contact us at, provide your A Number and ask for your financial aid to be released.  We will check your certification status and notify Student Accounts.
  • IncludED User Fee is not paid for by the VA.  This fee provides access to online resources in some classes

How do I get paid if I am using Chapter 30 or Chapter 1606?

You must complete the W.A.V.E. verification of enrollment on the last day of every month in order to initiate monthly stipend payments.  To access the form, go to or call (877) 823-2378.

What do I need to do if I am using Chapter 31/VA Vocational Rehabilitation?
This benefit is managed the same way as the other VA benefits.  You must complete all the requirements on your Veterans Dashboard.  The only difference is that your VA Counselor must send PCC an authorization before we can certify you.

Where do I get help with my payments or benefits?

If you have general questions about your payments or benefits, contact
Muskogee VA Regional Processing Office
(888) 442-4551

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