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PCC Implements New Measures in Response to COVID-19

March 12, 2020

Tucson, AZ -- Effective Friday, March 13, Pima Community College (PCC) will implement new measures to mitigate the impact of the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 on students, visitors, and employees.

Spring break for students, which was scheduled from Monday, March 16 through Sunday, March 22, has been extended by two days, with students returning Wednesday, March 25. On March 25, in-person classes will move to virtual instruction whenever possible.  Courses requiring “hands-on” instruction, including technical courses and healthcare clinical training, will continue in person, as scheduled until further notice.  Courses that cannot be transitioned to a virtual environment, such as labs and hands-on training will also continue to be taught face to face.  After two weeks the College will reassess when to return to normal operations.

The College will remain fully staffed during spring break and afterwards. Faculty will have access to Faculty Resource Centers and students can work with the library to ease the transition of virtual instruction.

All non-essential College travel will be canceled or postponed until further notice.  College travel will be limited to within the state of Arizona.  Out-of-state travel that is essential to performing College duties or functions will require executive administrator approval.   

All non-essential College and community events at the College through April 30, 2020 have been cancelled or postponed.

Earlier this week, PCC Provost Dolores Duran-Cerda asked faculty to loosen attendance requirements for ill students, and to encourage students to stay at home if they feel sick.

Additionally, the College has implemented increased measures to daily clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces such as desks and chairs, door knobs, stair railings, and crash bars.

Pima Community College’s top priority is the health of our students, employees, and community.  PCC will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely and adapt as the situation may change.  For more information, see the PCC website.


Libby Howell, APR, Executive Director
Media, Government and Community Relations
Office (520) 206-4778, Cell (520) 549-9093,

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