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Give to Pima

For over 40 years, Pima Community College has played a vital role in changing lives, developing a vibrant workforce and improving our community.  The appointment of Lee Lambert as Chancellor ushers in an exciting new chapter for Pima Community College and the PCC Foundation. 

Pima needs the help of community members just like you to continue providing the essential services of higher education, workforce development, and community enrichment.

Your tax-deductible gift can help students directly through scholarships, create new or enhance existing academic programs, expand Pima’s diverse cultural and community offerings, and contribute to the ongoing upkeep and expansion of our multiple campuses.

Whether you choose to contribute a little or a lot, your gift will be welcomed with gratitude as you join us in the important work of delivering transformative education that is accessible and affordable to all.

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Apply for Scholarships

Students are invited to visit the scholarships web page to learn about opportunities to help pay for school.

Alumni Association

Explore alumni giving opportunities and help the next generation of Pima students. Join the Alumni Association.