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Partner with Pima

Businesses and organizations play a vital role in PCC's pursuit of excellence in education and training. Their involvement in the development, teaching and support of PCC programs helps keep those programs relevant and returning dividends to our local and regional economy.

Partnering with PCC is a great way to keep our programs specifically relevant to your organization and industry. Explore how your business or organization can work with PCC to develop Southern Arizona's future leaders and workforce.

Advisory Committees

Join an advisory committee by contacting the Academic Services Office at 206-4684 and describing the program area in which you're interested. You can provide input on:

  • current programs offerings.
  • future trends and analysis.
  • new industry technologies and innovations.
  • alternative course delivery methods.
  • curriculum enhancement.


Create a partnership that brings financial and in-kind donations to PCC programs and students.

  • Make gifts that match the donations your employees give to PCC.
  • Make donations to PCC's general scholarship fund or create a scholarship program that interests you.
  • Support a specific program or interest.
  • Help finance the training of your employees in skills they need to do for you by participating in the workforce development program.

Classroom Involvement

Share your knowledge by teaching a course as an adjunct faculty member.

Speaking Engagements

If your time is too limited to be adjunct faculty, become a speaker instead. Come and talk to PCC classes, clubs or other student organizations about your business or industry.

New Program Development

The workforce needs of local business, industries and organizations constantly evolve. Help PCC identify workforce trends and future needs for new regional training programs within your particular business or industry.

Contact our Office of Workforce and Business Development to explore how to form a collaboration with PCC.