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Governing Board Selects Dr. Jeffrey P. Nasse as New PCC Chancellor
A firefighter poses smiling in gear on a fire engine



Prospective PCC Fire Science students must meet all PCC admissions requirements and all program prerequisites, without exception, prior to program admission.


All prerequisite requirements must be submitted prior to admission to the program:

  • Students must provide current documented certification from the State of Arizona or National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians stating that they have obtained a minimum of EMT certification. An option that earns students college credit is completing EMT 100 at Pima Community College.
  • Attend a program orientation  

Application Process

  • Contact the Public Safety and Emergency Services Institute (PSESI) and request to be added to the ‘Fire Academy Interest List’.  Applicants will be added to the list but must have all admission requirements met prior to program admission. 
  • Once the orientation date has been scheduled, Fire Academy staff will contact those on the Interest List to confirm their continued interest.  They will inform prospective students of the dates of mandatory orientation sessions.  All prospective students must attend an orientation before being admitted to the program.
  • After the orientation, interested students will meet with the PSESI advisor and enroll in classes. 

General Program Information

  • The maximum number of applicants that will be accepted into the program is 45.
  • The program takes one full semester to complete
  • At a designated semester midpoint, students not meeting the 75% academic requirement will be removed from the program. 
  • Classes meet at the City of Tucson Public Safety Academy located at 10001 S. Wilmot Road on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6-10PM and one weekend day from 8AM-5PM.
  • Specialty courses held during the semester may require additional days and times for training.  At the beginning of the semester, times will be confirmed and shared with students. 
  • Per the Arizona Center for Fire Service Excellence mandate, students can not miss more than 12 hours of class time per semester.
  • To remain in the program, students must remain in good academic standing as described in the Academy Protocols and abide by College payment deadlines as noted on the College website.

Physical Requirements

The Fire Academy is extremely demanding, both physically and mentally.  Students are expected to be fully committed to the program prior to registration.  The following are examples of what will be required of the student during the Academy.

  • Running up to 3.5 miles
  • Sprinting short distances
  • Basic calisthenics (including, but not limited to, push-ups, sit-ups, stretching, etc.)
  • Pushing, pulling and controlling charged hose lines with a nozzle reaction of 75 to 100 pounds pressure directed against them.
  • Execute fire ground evolutions (such as dragging fire hose, putting up ladders, operating gasoline-powered equipment) while wearing up to 60 pounds of equipment.
  • Climbing a six-story staircase up to 15 times in succession.
  • Climb a 100-foot aerial ladder with up to 100 pounds of safety equipment and tools.
  • Dragging and/or lifting a 180-pound person, while wearing up to 60 pounds of safety equipment, with one other person assisting.
  • Carrying and raising ground-ladders, at a weight of 30 to 50 pounds, while wearing up to 60 pounds of safety equipment.
  • Working in extreme temperatures (350 degrees plus for 10 – 15 minutes) while wearing up to 60 pounds of safety equipment.
  • Hoisting up to 50 pounds of equipment to the top of a six-story building with a rope while wearing up to 60 pounds of safety equipment.
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