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Respiratory therapist student with syringe


Respiratory Care Program Cost Sheet

The 2023-24 estimated program cost is based on in-state tuition for a full-time student.

These costs are approximate. Additional fees may apply.

Category Cost
Tuition & Fees
  • General Tuition
  • Differential Tuition
  • Semester Fees
  • Course Fees
Books, Course Materials, Supplies, Equipment $1,530.00
Miscellaneous Personal Expenses
  • Health Insurance
Varies by provider
  • Drug Screening/Fingerprint/Background Check
Professional Credential, Arizona State License $660.00
PROGRAM TOTAL $12,245.00

*Additional expenses may be assessed depending on the student’s residency status,
developmental coursework and enrollment status. Please refer to the Tuition & Fees - Credit
Courses and Schedule of Classes webpages for further information. The costs above do not
represent all the costs associated with attending college. Please refer to the cost of attendance
chart below or visit our Cost of Attendance webpage for more information.

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