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A dental student works on another person at a dental clinic


Dental Assisting Certificate

Pre-Admission Information Sessions

Interested in the Dental Assisting program? Watch a recorded Dental Assisting Program Information Session below. After reviewing the Information Session recording, please contact your Enrollment Advisor or Program Advisor for more information. These sessions provide important information about program eligibility, requirements, costs and more.

Applying for Program Admission

This degree program requires a special program application. Please read all of the information on this page carefully.

  • To request a program application, email Student Services at with your name, student identification number, program name, and home address.
  • Upon receipt of application request, a program application, tip sheet and directions for processing the program application will be mailed to address indicated.
  • Call 520.206.6044 or email to schedule an appointment to submit your program application for final processing and placement into the Dental Assisting program. A copy of your high school diploma or GED and driver’s license is also required. 

Program Pre-Admission Requirements

  • Applicants are required to have earned a High School diploma or G.E.D.
  • New and Transfer students are required to complete the program admissions application.
  • Complete assessment exams for math, reading, and writing.
  • Transfer courses earned from another Regionally Accredited Institution are not valid until they have been officially evaluated & grades have been posted on PCC transcripts. An official (sealed) transcript and Student Request for Transcript Evaluation form must be submitted to PCC Admissions Office 
  • If grades and/or assessment scores are not posted on PCC transcripts at the time of program application, application requests will be denied. 

Program Admissions and Course Information

  • Vaccinations required for entering/continuing in the Dental Assisting Education program: TheThe Dental Assisting Education (DAE) program works with hospitals and agencies that require the hepatitis B vaccination (series of three vaccinations) Varicella, Tdap, MMR, Covid-19 (including Booster(s) as available) and an annual flu vaccination & TB skin test. All students who are enrolled or entering the DAE program must provide documentation of receiving these vaccinations, or a positive titer for varicella or a negative chest x-ray in the case of positive TB skin test. Please be aware that the hepatitis vaccination is a series of three shots with 1-2 months between the first and second shot and five months between the first and last shot. Covid-19 vaccination might require multiple vaccinations with wait times in between each one. All students must get these vaccinations and/or titers prior to starting the program. Students who do not provide proof of receiving the vaccinations or a positive titer (varicella) when entering the DAE program will have to reapply to the program. The hospitals and agencies that PCC works with strictly enforce these requirements. Because we are a health provider program and as we use CDC recommendations, our vaccination requirement may change.
  • The DAE Program admits 30 qualified students each fall semester dependent on availability. 
  • The DAE program curriculum is taught using a combination of hybrid classrooms and clinical settings. Students are required to provide their own transportation from the College to various clinical sites.

To participate in the Dental Assisting program, students must:

  • Be able to perform a number of physical activities in the clinical portion of the program. At a minimum, students will be required to lift patients, stand for several hours at a time and perform bending activities. The dental experience also places students under considerable mental and emotional stress as they undertake responsibilities and duties impacting patients’ lives. Students must be able to demonstrate rational and appropriate behavior under stressful conditions, assess and gather information regarding the physical status of patients, communicate effectively with patients and health care team and synthesize data to critically evaluate and make emergency decisions. Individuals should give careful consideration to the mental and physical demands of the program prior to making application.
  • Be flexible and able to balance employment, personal and academic schedules and responsibilities.
  • Provide own transportation from the college campus to clinical sites.
  • Present proof of immunization and/or immunity for MMR/Varicella/ TB, and TDaP.
  • Show proof of negative TB skin test or negative chest x-ray for TB.
  • Maintain health insurance throughout enrollment in the program.

Important Information on Certification

Students should be aware that the state/national examination and certification requirements may include a personal history section in which prospective applicants must report and may have to provide a detailed explanation of legal situations. An investigative process must be completed before a license is issued.

Fingerprinting and criminal background information may be a part of many state and federal licensing and certification processes. If there is any question about eligibility for certification, it is the responsibility of the applicant to contact the state and/or federal agency responsible for certification. For certification eligibility inquires, contact the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) at 800-367-3262 or 312-642-3368 or the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) at 312-440-2500

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