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 Important: If you are working toward a transfer degree, note that specific degrees may require core or support courses that already fulfill some or all of the AGEC requirements. Always use your specific degree web page to identify the courses required to earn your degree. Courses that are no longer offered have been removed from this list, but may fulfill general education requirements. See an advisor.

The AGEC-A requires MAT 142 or above (see list below). The AGEC-B requires MAT 212 or MAT 220. The AGEC-S requires MAT 220 or above.

Course # Course Title Credits
BUS 205 Statistical Methods in Economics and Business [SUN# BUS 2201] 3
MAT 141 Topics in College Mathematics 4
MAT 142 Topics in College Mathematics [SUN# MAT 1142] 3
MAT 151 College Algebra [SUN# MAT 1151] 4
MAT 167 Introductory Statistics [SUN# MAT 1160] 3
MAT 172 Finite Mathematics 3
MAT 188 Precalculus I 4
MAT 189 Precalculus II 3
MAT 212 Topics in Calculus [SUN# MAT 2212] 3
MAT 220 Calculus I [SUN# MAT 2220] 5
MAT 227 Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science [SUN# MAT 2227] 4
MAT 231 Calculus II [SUN# MAT 2230] 4
MAT 241 Calculus III [SUN# MAT 2241] 4
MAT 252 Introduction to Linear Algebra 3
MAT 262 Differential Equations [SUN# MAT 2262] 3
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