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A student raises her hand in a Pima classroom with students interacting with each other

Numbering, Prerequisites & Co-requisites

Course Numbers


  • Developmental courses
  • Unique to the community college
  • Not transferable
  • Do not satisfy degree requirements


  • Freshman-level courses


  • Sophomore-level courses

098, 198 and 298

  • Courses created by Pima faculty to offer a specific subject not found elsewhere
  • Not transferable to a university

Prerequisites & Co-requisites

Before registering for a course, you must:

  • Meet the prerequisites


  • Satisfy the instructor of your preparation to take the course.

An instructor may withdraw a you if you do not have the proper prerequisites for the class. Prerequisites may be waived by the instructor.

Co-requisites are courses that are taken simultaneously with other courses.

Additional information on prerequisites, including our Registration FAQs, is found in the Register for Classes webpage.

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