What is HSE and how is it different from GED?
  • HSE stands for High School Equivalency, the term now being used. The GED® is one test that measures high school equivalency. If you pass the GED® test you earn an HSE diploma.
Can I still take the paper and pencil test?
  • No, the GED® test is only available as a computer-based test in Arizona.
Do I have to go to a testing center to take an HSE test?
  • Yes, the test is computer-based and you must come to an authorized testing center to test. It is not available online. DO NOT take any tests claiming to be the official HSE or GED online.
How do I schedule an HSE test? What do I do if I try to schedule my test online and there are no available times?
  • The testing center might not be open enough hours to accommodate all your tests. Try scheduling fewer subjects or choose a time earlier in the day.
Can I cancel a test I have scheduled?
  • Yes, you can log into GED Testing Services and select "Cancel a Test." In some circumstances test fees may still apply.
How long do I have to pass all four subjects once I begin the testing process?
  • Currently, there is no deadline to complete all tests once you begin testing. However, once you pay for a test, you have one year to complete it or you will be required to pay again.
What if I can’t remember my log-in name or password?
  • Please contact GED Testing Service at 1-877-EXAM-GED for help.
What should I bring when I come to test?
  • You must bring two forms of ID, including one government-issued photo ID and another secondary ID.
How early should I arrive for a scheduled test?
  • You should arrive 15-30 minutes before your test to make sure you have adequate time to check-in.
Is there a place I can store my belongings?
  • Yes, we provide lockers. No personal items are allowed in the testing room including drinks, food, large jackets, purses, wallets, papers, cell phones, or electronic devices.
Is there an official practice test available?
  • Yes, if you go to GED Testing Services you can purchase the GED Ready practice test and take it online. Practice testing is not required.
When do I find out if I passed?
  • Most candidates receive their scores within 24 hours of testing. You can check your score at GED Testing Services. Your HSE diploma will be mailed to you in about 2-3 weeks.
What if I don’t pass?
  • You are only required to retest on subjects that you do not pass. You can take two retests on each subject without a waiting period. After that you must wait 60 days to retest again.
What if I need special accommodations?
  • You can apply for special accommodations at GED Testing Services. GED Testing Services will email you the paperwork and you must have a licensed specialist fill it out. You will then fax it to the number on the paperwork and GED Testing Service will notify you via email.
What if I passed some of the subjects from the old paper/pencil test, but did not pass the entire test?
  • If you did not pass the entire GED® test before the end of 2013, your scores are no longer valid. You will need to take and pass all sections of the new test to earn a diploma.
Where can I get transcripts if I’ve already passed the test and previously received an HSE Diploma?