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Class Attendance & Participation

 View revised attendance policies and practices (effective March 10, 2020)

PCC recognizes that attending college, whether you are a new or continuing student, can be both exciting and challenging. However, your regular attendance and active participation contribute not only to your academic success and standing but may have a significant impact on your ability to receive Federal Financial Aid, Veterans Education Benefits or maintain your immigration status as an International Student.  

Tracking Attendance and/or Participation in Credit Classes

The College takes attendance and notifies students if their attendance record might jeopardize their success, aid/benefits or status. 

The College is required to make adjustments in Veteran’s Benefits and Federal Financial Aid when a student drops a class and/or when a student no longer attends or actively participates.  

Similarly, the College has to report a change in enrollment status for International Students who stop attending, actively participating in class and/or making academic progress.  

These adjustments may result in students owing funds to the College, the Department of Education, and/or the Veterans Administration, or having your immigration status terminated for continuing your studies.

What you need to know

  • Prior to the drop deadline, you must attend and/or actively participate in your class(es). The drop date can be found in your course syllabus. If you do not attend and/or actively participate by the drop deadline, your instructor will issue an NA, Never Attended, on her or his roster and your registration will be dropped for that class. A refund will be issued for the course, and your enrollment status may change(i.e., moving from a full-time to a part-time student).
  • After the drop deadline, if you are registered but not attending and/or actively participating for ten days or more, your status will be changed to RNRegistered - Not Attending, for the class and you may be issued a withdrawal by the instructor. You will receive a notification from the College indicating that you are in an RN registration status.
  • Failure to complete courses for which you register, and/or receiving withdrawal or failing grades, will impact your academic standing with the College.

What can you do

  • See your syllabus and/or contact your instructor to find out how attendance and/or active participation are defined for your class(es).
  • Contact your instructor if you have to miss a class
  • If you receive an RN notification and plan to continue in the class:
    • check the attendance policy for your class and see your instructor
    • return to class and/or resume active participation
  • If you receive an RN notification and do not plan to continue in the class, contact an advisor or counselor about officially withdrawing from the class. International students must contact their assigned International Student Advisor or the Center for International Education and Global Engagement to understand options and impact on immigration status.
  • If you have questions about your aid or benefits, contact the Financial Aid Office at 520-206-4950 or, your assigned Veterans advisor at 520-206-2266 or, or your assigned International Student Advisor at the Center for International Education and Global Engagement at 520-206-6732, or
  • Contact a campus Student Services Center for further information about registration statuses, attendance, withdrawing and/or academic success resources.
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