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Gmail FAQ

Gmail@PCC Frequently Asked Questions

Trouble accessing Gmail@PCC? If you get an authentication error message after clicking on the "Gmail@PCC" icon at the top of the MyPima screen, please re-set your password.  To do this, click on the "Change Password" link in the upper left corner of the MyPima screen and follow the steps.  This will be your new password when logging in to MyPima.  The MyPima Helpdesk will provide assistance if needed (520-206-4800 or mypimahelpdesk@pima.edu).

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Introduction: Gmail@PCC

  1. What is Gmail@PCC?
  2. What is Docs?
  3. Are other services included in Gmail@PCC?
  4. When do I get my account?
  5. How do I log in to Gmail@PCC or Docs?
  6. What if I already have a personal Gmail or Google account?
  7. What policies apply to using the Gmail at PCC and Docs?
  8. What should I know about security and privacy?
  9. When will Google add new features to the system?

Student e-mail (Gmail@PCC)

  1. Will mail be migrated from the old student e-mail system to the new system?
  2. Can I continue to use the old student e-mail system?
  3. What will the new student e-mail address be?  Will mail be forwarded from the old address?
  4. Can I forward my PCC e-mail to another account?
  5. I am an employee who is also a student.  Where will I receive my e-mail?
  6. I’m a Federal Work Study student.  Where will I find my e-mail:  in Outlook or Gmail?
  7. What e-mail address will display within MyPima?
  8. How do I find student/faculty e-mail addresses?
  9. Can I log into my student e-mail without going through MyPima?
  10. Will Gmail be used in Blackboard, or will that e-mail system remain separate?
  11. Can I access my student e-mail using a mobile device?
  12. Can I access my student e-mail using another e-mail client?
  13. What are the limitations on file sizes for my Google e-mail account?


  1. Can all faculty use Docs with their students?
  2. Can material created in Docs be uploaded to Course Homepages?
  3. Can Docs be integrated into Course Homepages so that it is easy to collaborate with classmates?
  4. Are there limitations on file sizes for Docs?

How do I use…

  1. Is there online help available on using Gmail@PCC, Docs and the personal calendar?