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Your Guide to Virtual Services and Remote Learning.
Students and teacher in a PCC culinary class


If you haven’t decided on a major, look no further. MyCareerPath is an online resource designed to help you understand your skills, choose a major, learn about jobs and the job market, and prepare for the transition from Pima to a career.

You can begin your MyCareerPath assessment by visiting a counselor at any campus Student Services Center. We recommend scheduling an appointment in advance. You may also take a Student Success class or noncredit workshop to further explore your skills.

Completing MyCareerPath

Your counselor will help you identify, select, and prepare for a program to meet your career goals using a five-step process.

A career self-assessment will leverage your current skills and interests to match you to one or several occupations. Your Pima counselor can direct you to various tools online to help you identify your unique set of traits and abilities.

You can explore different career assessments by going to MyPima, clicking on the Student Resources tab, and selecting Career Planning.

After discovering possible careers that match your interests, you can research each field to learn more. Start by gathering information about the nature of the work, working conditions, employment outlook, and degree requirements.

Pima's Student Success classes are a guided approach to this research. Check out STU 109 Career Exploration or STU 109A Making Career Choices: Interests and Values.

If you have selected a potential career field, it’s time to understand how education fits into your goals. Many careers require a certificate, associate degree, or bachelor’s degree. 

Your MyCareerPath may take you in one of two directions: 

  • Occupational: Your desired career only requires a certificate or associate degree. You can earn your degree at Pima before heading into direct employment. You may skip step four if you are following this path.
  • University transfer: Your desired career involves earning a bachelor’s degree. Start by earning an associate degree from Pima and transferring to a four-year college or university. Move to step four to learn more.

If you need a bachelor’s degree to enter your chosen field, Pima can help. We offer extensive resources, including counseling and Student Success classes, to help you transfer to a university. Check out STU 107 Pre-Transfer Success Skills or STU 210 Transfer Strategies.

Learn more about transferring from Pima and discover Pima's partnerships with schools across the country.

Once you are in your program and working towards a certificate or degree, it’s time to work on developing the tools and skills needed to find employment after graduation.

Begin working on a resume, cover letter, and/or a portfolio. You can also research and practice interview techniques to prepare for your career move. Pima counselors are on hand to help build your professional presence.

Pima offers for-credit Student Success classes and noncredit Student Success workshops on topics such as resume and cover letter preparation. Visit any campus Student Services Center to learn more.

If you have a resume and cover letter, you can consider working an internship to gain experience before graduation.

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