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Electrical Utility Technology

Workforce Development Certificate

This certificate provides electrical utility fundamentals for entry-level employment in the energy field. 

Note: This certificate is offered by Workforce Development to assist employees in gaining new skills and advancing their careers.  See the Trade Professions website for information on degrees and certificates in related subject areas.

Program Requirements    

Required Core Courses

A grade of C or better is required for graduation

Course #     
Course Title Credits
BCT 105* Professionalism in Service, Construction, Mathematics and Basic Rigging 3
BCT 107* Basic Safety, Hand and Power Tools and Blueprint Reading
EUT 103 Generation Steam Systems 3
EUT 104 Overhead and Underground Systems, Hardware and Equipment . 4
EUT 106 Measuring Electricity 3
GTM 105 Applied Technical Mathematics 3
NRG 101 Energy Industry Fundamentals 3
WRT 101
  or GTW 101
Writing I
  or Writing for Trades and Technical Occupations
Total: 25
*BCT 100, 112 and 115 substitute for BCT 105; BCT 111, 113 and 114 substitute for BCT 107.