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Open Educational Resources - PimaGoOpen

PCC is committed to expanding our use of Open Educational Resources (OER) for textbooks, research and other instructional materials.

What is OER?

Open Educational Resources (OER) are educational materials that may be in a digital or physical format that reside in the public domain or are available under an open license.  This permits no-cost access with no or limited distribution and editing restrictions.

Integrating OER materials into courses allows students to access these materials at no or low cost, and instructors to modify and edit the materials to align with the course content.

Pima’s OER Initiative: PimaGoOpen

PCC was the only community college in Arizona and among only 38 colleges nationwide to receive a $100,000 grant to create an online degree programs using high quality, open educational resources (OER).

Achieving the Dream (ATD), Inc., a national community college reform network, is managing the new initiative on behalf of a consortium of investors, including the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corp., Shelter Hill Foundation and Speedwell Foundation.

The OER Degree Initiative is designed to help remove financial roadblocks, such as the high cost of textbooks, thus making it easier for students to achieve their goals and complete degree and certificate programs.

OER Programs and Courses

By the spring of 2019, PCC will offer an online pathway for the Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts degree program using licensed OER content – no or low cost electronic teaching and learning materials. This degree is one of the most popular at the College. 

Currently, PCC offers many online courses with "low or no costs" for textbooks.