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PimaOnline - Online Education

Want a high-quality education that you can complete anytime, anywhere?  PimaOnline is for you!

With an ever-increasing number of PCC courses in many subject areas available online, you can receive an excellent education no matter where you live or work.

Getting Started

Online Classes

Fully Online Degrees and Certificates

Our online advisor will help you develop an educational plan to complete any of these programs entirely online.  Call Angela Acosta at 520.206.6587 or email


Contact 520.206.7145

Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC)

Contact 520.206.6587

Associate of Arts

Contact 520.206.6587


Contact: 520.206.6587

Early Childhood Education

Contact: 520.206.5345

General Studies

Contact: 520.206.6587

Health Information Technology

Contact: 520.206.6587

Human Resources

Contact: 520.206.6587

Teacher Education

520.206.5345 - Elementary Education Associate's Degree only
520.206.5144 - All other Teacher Education programs

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