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Facilitators and Trainers

Trainers/Facilitators/Subject Experts - Workforce & Continuing Education

If you are experienced in your professional field, coach, teach or train others, consider sharing your expertise with the community. Send an email with your resume to Maggie Romance at, then apply online.

  1. Go to 
  2. On the top bar select Pima Jobs
  3. On the Pima Jobs page, select Jobs - Temporary from the right hand column
  4. Scroll down until you find the job: Trainer/Facilitator/Subject Expert Community Education and Career/Job Education
  5. View the Details and apply

Instructors with Continuing Education should have reliable transportation, the ability to work weekends, evenings and in a variety of locations throughout Pima County. Delivery of community education classes is highly interactive, respecting the experience of adult learners by engagement rather than lecture.  Delivery of youth education requires understanding of pedagogy and age-appropriate activities.  Pay starts at $20.00/hour.  Pay is dependent upon subject expertise required.

Although we currently are not accepting new course proposals for Community Education (personal enrichment) classes, you may submit ideas for consideration at a later point in time.

Fill out and submit our Course Proposal Form

Instructors interested in Workforce Development topics may call Jessica Normoyle at 206-6473 or Maggie Romance at 206-6354.