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Honors Program

Expand your academic skills, explore new directions, develop creativity and leadership, and join a vibrant community of learners. We can help you reach your full potential through Pima's Honors Program.

As an honor student, you'll benefit from

  • small class sizes
  • a creative environment
  • support from intellectually curious students, faculty and staff
  • faculty mentoring
  • help seeking scholarships, awards and recommendation letters
  • leadership and community service opportunities
  • flexibility in selecting courses with Honors credit that fit into your program of study
  • help entering honors programs at four-year universities
  • official recognition of your ability, vision and commitment, which can open up future study and job opportunities
  • graduate with "Honors Certificate" listed on your official PCC transcript.

The Honors Program is open to students in all traditional academic majors, as well as those in technical and occupational fields.

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