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Honors Contract

You can earn honors credit for almost any PCC 100 level course or higher if

  • you get approval from the Campus Honors Program Coordinator
  • the course instructor agrees to sign an Honors Contract
  • you successfully complete the contract, and receive an A or B in the course.

An Honors Contract

  • involves extra assignments or projects
  • generally adds at least 5 hours of work per credit hour of the course (i.e., a 3-credit course would involve 15 additional hours of work), allowing a more in-depth exploration of material.

No more than two Honors Contract courses are permitted each semester.

To obtain an Honors Contract, you must

  1. have successfully completed HON 101 with an A or B grade
  2. meet with a Campus Honors Program Coordinator
  3. meet with your instructor to fill out the Honors Contract Form
  4. return the form to your Honors Coordinator by the end of the third week of class.

Your Coordinator will either sign the contract or work with you to revise it. Signatures are also required upon completion of the course.

Sample Honors Contract Projects

  • a research paper
  • a recital or performance
  • a colloquium presentation
  • an original computer program or project
  • a biography
  • a review of additional readings
  • the creation of an original musical composition, sculpture, script or other work of art
  • laboratory experiments or mathematical work, with a written report
  • a review of a foreign-language author, written in that language