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Program Outcomes - Administration of Justice Studies AA

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Administration of Justice AA program, the learner will be able to:

PLO 1. Effectively communicate in the Criminal Justice environment.

Competency 1.1. Write reports, case briefs, policy papers and/or problem-solving papers; demonstrating mastery of English grammar, spelling, syntax and composition.

Competency 1.2. Effectively use interpersonal skills in interviews. (rapport, guided conversation and elicitation techniques)

Competency 1.3. Confidently and professionally present yourself for oral boards, in moot court, deposition and/or in front of a class in a teaching/training capacity.


PLO 2. Apply the law.

Competency 2.1. Apply criminal law, rules and procedure to fact patterns and to investigations.

Competency 2.2. Demonstrate an understanding of due process, victims’ rights, and case flow through the criminal justice system.


PLO 3. Demonstrate mastery of investigative skills.

Competency 3.1. Accurately and thoroughly document a crime scene with notes, photos, sketches, measurements, logs, evidence collection, requests for support and reports.

Competency 3.2. Determine the theory of a crime, elements of the crimes to be proved, and solvability factors.

Competency 3.3. Conduct a follow-up investigation to include interviews, interrogation, research and surveillance.


PLO 4. Demonstrate critical thinking in the criminal justice environment.

Competency 4.1. Interpret policy and procedures, admission of evidence and the causation of crime.

Competency 4.2. Articulate the effect that crime has on society and the impact of criminal justice professional’s actions.