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Program Outcomes - Fire Science Academy Track Certificate

Upon successful completion of the Fire Science Academy Track certificate program, the learner will be able to:

1. Compare and contrast the use of different firefighter practices in varying environmental situations.
All FSC courses
2. Provide a timeline of different equipment utilized to fight fires and  keep firefighters safe over the last 20 years.
All FSC courses
3. Describe the basic background of the chemistry and physics of different types of fires.
All FSC courses
4. Develop multiple plans of attack to meet changing needs in a fire.
All FSC courses
5. Describe how the application of standards and codes help to prevent fires.
All FSC courses
6. Provide a detailed description of the most critical elements of report writing in the fire service.
All FSC courses
7. Examine, understand and integrate the use of new technologies and information, safely and efficiently.
All FSC courses
8. Create both written and verbal communication that conveys information and expresses ideas for particular audiences
all FSC courses, but special emphasis on FSC 173
9. Effectively demonstrate appropriate actions in emergency situations.
FSC 149, FSC 150, FSC 189, all FSC 200+ level courses
10. Make responsible decisions based on knowledge and experience
All FSC courses

Program Effectiveness Data

For Academic Year 2012/13, PCC student pass rates for those industry examinations for which data is available are given below.

Arizona Center for Fire Service Excellence:

  • Firefighter I & II (Fall): 38 students tested, 37 students passed (97.37% pass rate)
  • Firefighter I & II (Spring):  38 students tested, 37 students passed (97.37% pass rate)