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EMT Certificate - Program Costs

The EMT Certificate Program requires a significant financial outlay (tuition and fees for credit hours, plus textbooks, workbooks and supplies), as well as a major time commitment (10 hours per week in class during the spring and fall, and 16 hours per week in class during the summer, with an additional 20–32 hours per week studying outside of the class, and participating in externships consisting of two (2) 5-hour hospital and two (2) 12-hour vehicular externships).

A student will be dismissed from the course – and will not be reimbursed tuition, fees or other costs, for accumulating a combined total of more than 10 hours of absences or tardies, or scoring less than 80 percent on a total of three (3) exams or skills tests. Also, state and national exams require a fee. For more details, contact the EMT Service Center, 520-206-7839

Program Costs - Summary

All prices are subject to change without notice. 

Tuition and Fees [see current schedules] $1,220.00
Textbooks and Workbooks $260.00
TOTAL $1,480.00


Tuition and Fees

These costs are approximate.  Additional fees may apply.

In-state tuition for nine (9) credit hours
(2018: $82.50 per credit hour)
Semester processing fee $15.00
Technology fee ($2.50 per credit hour) $22.50
Student Services Fee ($3.00 per credit hour) $27.00
Course/Lab/Supplies Fee* $271.00
Drug screening $20.00
Arizona Dept. of Public Safety fingerprint clearance card (ARS 15-1881) $72.00
"BLS for Healthcare Provider" Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) card (varies) $50.00
Subtotal $1,220.00
Supplies will be provided the first day of class:  Pocket mask with oxygen port, Blood pressure cuff- adult size, Stethoscope, Penlight, and Uniform polo shirt. 

Textbooks, Workbooks and Wristwatch (EMT 100)

Estimated prices.  Textbook and workbook available on at the East Campus bookstore

Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick
and Injured, AAOS.  11th edition textbook with Navigate 2 Advantage
(ISMB: 9781284106909)
EMT Student Handout Packet (blue cover)
NOTE: Only purchase new copies of the packet as some
contents may be missing from used copies.
Mechanical or Digital Wristwatch (must have second hand) (varies)
Subtotal  $260.00


Students are responsible for buying the proper textbooks and being aware of classroom changes, etc., through MyPima. Students can learn what books are needed for courses by going to their Book List channel in MyPima or clicking on a course’s CRN in the online Schedule of Classes.

Students must observe tuition payment deadlines to avoid cancellation of registration due to nonpayment. PCC reserves the right to drop unpaid registrations at any time without prior notice.

Note: A student will NOT receive a tuition reimbursement if he is dismissed from or fails EMT 100, or if he withdraws from the course after the College drop deadline.